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Winning design #1 by janedepgen, Logo Design for 12 Apostles Cycling Classic Contest
Gold Medal

designed by janedepgen

Project description

The event is a mass participation cycling event leaving Warrnambool, Victoria and riding along Australia's most scenic road, the Great Ocean Road, to the Twelve Apostles. The ride aims to attract cyclists of all levels and will offer courses from 30 km to 160km (20 miles to 100 miles). It is not a race. We see the main attraction being the spectacular coastal scenery and the physical challenge of riding 160 kilometres. I attach photos of the Great Ocean Road & 12 Apostles.

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  • Hello! So happy to see you've reviewed my design, #1 , and think that I'm headed in an interesting direction. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to improve this design for my next submission? Thank you!
    • Thanks for your work. We are impressed with the designs 1, 9 & 15. Our preference is not to have the "chain ring" surrounding the graphic, as we like the clean look. Are you able to throw in some options with various fonts and colours? We like what you have done, and the colours etc, so perhaps match and mix what you have done to date.

  • Hi! Thanks you for the rating :) but I would to know some feedback about my entry to improve the design. Regards, Rocky
  • Thanks you all for your work. We tend to prefer work which combines the name with the physical attributes of the region. For example the contrast of coast and vegetation (blue & green), sea and the hills.
  • Hi CH. Please find my entries #13, #14, Feedback greatly appreciated. Colours can be changed upon request, however I have gone with the traditional Australian Green and Gold. Regards SJK
  • the concept of the image in the wheel is very similar to #32
  • the concept of the image in the wheel is very similar to #32
  • Hi CH...I have submitted my first entry #23. If you can review it I will get an idea of the direction you are interested in. Thanks!
    • Hi ED. We quite like your submission. However, it doesn't have a connection with cycling as such. For example design #1 encapsulates the sea, the road and the vegetation. Also the design may be awkward for use in mediums such as on clothing.

    • Thank you for your feedback and all the pointers. Let me work on simplifying on the logo in order to meet the points you have mentioned. I might try some new concepts too.

    • Dear CH...based on our last conversation I have made three new options. #31 #32 and #33. Let me know your thoughts.

  • Hi CH, Please find my revised entries #24, #25, #26, #27. The idea is that the stars around the logo signify the challenge aspect, also there are twelve which represent the 12 Apostles. I have also produced both versions in a grunge/broken style, which would work extremely well on t-shirts #28, #29. Colours can be altered apon request. Regards SJK
  • GJR
    your entry #40 is a copy of another designers idea/concept: http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/12-apostles-cycling-classic/entry/31/