17th Annual Weather Risk Management Association Meeting

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Winning design #50 by HaHDesigns, Logo Design for 17th Annual Weather Risk Management Association Meeting  Contest
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designed by HaHDesigns

Project description

Please provide an event logo and/or web banner for WRMA's 17th Annual Meeting. Image must incorporate the following text:

17th Annual Weather Risk Management Association Meeting
June 17-19, 2015
Chicago, IL USA

Images of Chicago and weather events strongly encouraged.

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  • You can email the updates to LNewberry@Kellencompany.com #50
  • Could you make the "WEATHER" more in balance with "Risk Management" and change the font to a more modern/European type face? #50
    • @LNewberryWRMAAbout #50, sure I can definitely make those changes. I have a power outage at the moment that should be rectified this afternoon so I will send the changes as soon as my internet is available. Thanks for the feedback. :)

    • @LNewberryWRMA Hi again! I am not sure how to upload a change after the contest has expired. I believe the contest has to be finalized for changes to be uploaded. I am looking into it.

    • @LNewberryWRMA I guess we got our answer above. I have already made some changes, and we can continue to make changes once finalized, if you decide to go with my design. :)

  • Dear LNewberryWRMA, as your contest is in expired mode, designers are no longer able to post comments and upload new designs. You can either extend the contest, or pick the winner. Once you pick the winner you will have 7 more days of finalization period. During this period you are able to work with the winner on final changes to winning design
  • Thank you to all that submitted! We definitely have a hard decision between all of these great options. We'll be in touch if we need any changes to any submissions.
    • @LNewberryWRMA Thank you for the rating. Please let me know if any changes are needed. :)

  • hi, if there any changes or placing , pls let me know, thank you
  • I hope you like it. #39
  • I hope you like it :) #38
  • About #32 & #36, @ideasstudio
    Submitted this design for your consideration, please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you.
    Thanks & Cheers
  • annual wealther #2
  • annual wealther? #1