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1st Secure IT is a consultancy firm looking for a logo that will reflect a corporate identity of a professional firm.    Our firm consist of talented IT Professionals with a high level of certification and IT Security knowledge.   The company focus is on Compliance Audits in the area of credit card processing.    Again we are looking for a highly professional icon/identity often seen with financial services or consultancy organizatins.

We are interested in a logo that show security I have an example of what the owners like http://www.microliance.com/1stSecureIT.JPG I am not sure about the colors etc. Also please do not let the padlock prevent you from going in another direction!!!!!

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  • NHR, we are looking for a quality logo and no "following exactly the concept" of that logo is an incorrect statement. We are interested in conveying the spirit or perception of our business. The quality of your logo was not professional if you look at the URLs that have I posted as examples on this board you will note that all logos posted are technically very diferent. This point should demonstate that we are interested in only conveying the business concept. Here are the examples we have given... http://www.securityps.com/resources/ http://www.xtrategie s.com/ Again these are given to offer insight to our business. To Sharie's point, I agree with everything she says and I am a proponent of copyright laws that protect designers like yourself. My website is 100% compliant I respect and hard worked performed by such artist as well it is the right thing to do.
  • Do you own the rights to this photo? If this photo is not yours then a logo can't be copied from it. If this is a photo you have purchased from a stock agency then there are restrictions on uses. The only way this photo can be used to copy a logo from is if you own this photo. Please clear this up before more designers use this sample. Thank you Sharie
  • nhr
    Thank you for the feedback. So, as I understand, you are interested only for concept shown in your example? Following exactly that concept is not acceptable for me, because many reasons...
  • Hmmmm, not sure what you mean. I thought my repsonse was quite clear. Although I find it strange that the comment I left you is no where to be found. But let me try again. First the changes you made do not reflect my comments. Please go back to #1048. 1. Make the st upper case. So instead of 1ST is should be 1st. Upper Case in english means use capital (ABCDEF) lower case means small letters. (abcd) 2. Change the color from light blue to a darker blue. 3. If we can see one version where you box in the IT that would be great otherwise don't worry about it. 4. our slogan is "When compliance is not enough"
  • It is very important that we can understand your requests. If you feel better to comunicate your ideas in your native language please do it, both: english and your native language, so we can translate it or use language tools for a better understanding. We are happy to give you the logo that you are expecting. Best regards, -- jjyepez
  • Hello, Please let me know what changes will you want me to do on the posted revision and I will be happy post a new revision for you to be satisfied. Best regards, -- jjyepez
  • Reply on 1023 NHR. Sorry for not giving you feed back, I like your logo and will say that we felt that this was not the direction. I appologize for to providing you feedback.
  • nhr
    Eliminated??? Because??? Extending deadline is useless without feedback...
  • I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the compliments. Please mark #999 as "needs work" for I can post the changes you requested. Regards, -- jjyepez
  • This is awsome, can you make some minor changes. On the number 1 logo can you turn the lock so it tilts to the right and gravitate to the Secure so it tightens the footprint. Can you make the word SECURE to Secure, this may help defint the IT (which stands for Information Technology). This by far is the best!!! Thanks.
  • the 3d padlock probably wont work with all those gradients and effects. I can make a 3d padlock no problem, but adding too many effects will utterly destroy the logo, IMO. I'll work on a 3d padlock, without the effects. Not the same as the one posted, obviously, and definitely not with all the shiney stuff :/
  • Can you enter some color perhaps make the "secure" dark blue make the 1st with a small st floating at the top of the number 1. Instead of the vault door you can place a lock, if somehow you can use this for the lock or something like it would be great.. www.microliance.com/1stsecureit.jpg Also if you can use a different phone so the letters are not as thick. THANKS!!!! It is nice to finally see professional looking concepts.
  • Illumina, I like your direction, you have a pofessional touch which is what we are looking for. I am working iwth the owner of this company - let me go over it with him. For some reason he is impressed with this photograph but I do not see how this will work into a log. www.microliance.com/1stsecureit.jpg Meanwhile I will get back to you on your concept. Thank You!!!!!!
  • CH, because you eliminated the entries rather than "Needs Work" I am, unfortunately, unable to post revisions with a better understanding of what you're looking for... I'm sorry I won't be able to keep going. Best of luck to you, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to help.
  • The point I am trying to make with the links is to demonstrate the professional image they convey. I have passed all these logos back to owners and colleagues and all agree that they are kind of low end meaning something that you would not see with a bank or professinal company. The links were to provide you with the feel or image we expect to achieve with a logo. The links with the fat fonts and bright pictures is not consistent with a professional consultancy.
  • Coy
    Thank you for the links, but honestly it doesn't really help alot.. I mean it does but it doesn't. It's basically telling me that you want some sort of random image which is different than what you first posted. The seurityps link is a good indicator of what you want (I think) but the xtrategies link shows an abstract person in motion? (unless I got a wrong site?) when you click on the submissions you should have some choices on what you'd like to see happen. You can elimnate entries that don't fit what you want. needs work meaning you like it somewhat but would like to see changes you've mentioned. there is another but can't remember it off the top of my head at the moment. also giving the designers specific feedback will help you get the logo you want. Like what you did with brandy and mine at the start. we are here to work for you, so the better you communicate with us the better we can serve you. :) Thanks
  • Have a look at these logo's http://www.securityps.com/resources/ http://www.xtrategies.com/
  • Have a look at these logo's http://www.securityps.com/resources/ http://www.xtrategies.com/
  • Have a look at these logos... http://www.securityps.com/resources/ http://www.xtrategies.com/
  • Coy
    Thank you for the feedback. Not really sure what you mean by less fun font? And would you like the Key off the U or the key hole in the C taken out? or just have no key and hole? thanks Oh and I'm not really sure what the purpose of the @ is suppose to convey? could you explain please. Thanks again.