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Great experience! I got the design I needed to launch my business. . my designer was great! She was quick with her replies and edits. Very pleased with the results!

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Winning design #142 by Kristina2912, Logo Design for 2 RedHeads Custom T-Shirts, LLC. Contest
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designed by Kristina2912

Project description

Designers: * I've added a new sample image that is close to what I am looking for. 

Company provides printing services on promotional items, mostly t-shirts.  Can print any custom image on t-shirts to mark any occasion or event.  Can print for sports teams, fundraising events, bands, birthday parties etc.
The name "2 Redheads" is inspired by my two sons. .both with red-ish hair.  They inspire me. .I wanted to name the company after them.
The logo should have a playful, childlike feel..almost a cartoon or charactercher.  But, I also want the company to have a smart & strong branding and marketing message from the beginning. .starting with the logo.  I see the logo as a 'stand alone' image. .not necessarily dependent on the lettering over time.  
My vision is: The logo is of the the boys heads and top of shoulders at a slight angled profile.  I'd like the older boy, with glasses, to be on the left (their right) and the younger boy on the right.
The logo should highlight the boys:
boy on left: Glasses, cheeks, dimples, big red hair
 boy on right:  eyes, ears, smile, spikey red hair 
I've selected a pantone color that's bright and eye catching.  It's a good point of reference for you.
I see the  "2 RedHeads Custom T-Shirts" lettering underneath the bright logo image (but above might look better, we'll see).  The lettering should have clean edges and be easy to read if logo is printed in a small size..

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  • This is perfect! Can you show a version with "Custom T-Shirts" slightly bigger and with lower case fonts? (expect the "C" and "T" and first "S" in shirts?) and please show me a couple more font choices. (although I really like this one!)
    • @jordankorach Hi! Thanks for the positive feedback. I made the changes, please check. If you need other changes, do not hesitate please let me know please. Sincerely, Kristina.

  • In the tag line T-shirts make another color. #135
  • T-shirt view #134
  • Update version where custom t-shirts, LLC make two color. #132
  • Logo make with circle concept. #130
  • Update version where tagline make all capital letter. You can see very clear when you see small view. Thank you. #129
  • This is my idea where two face like exact and make with two color combination with nice readable font (something curve font face). Please provide your feedback and rating. #128
  • comment please. #120
  • Please check Thanks! #117
  • Hi! I introduced several variants of fonts. Please check. If you need any other changes, be sure to let me know please. Sincerely, Kristina. Thank you. #114
  • Hi Kristina - This is really great! Can you do without "LLC" and without the underline.
    Can you please show me a few different font options too? I like the clean edges, but the font is a little boring. . You are amazing! Thank you!
    • @jordankorach Hi! Thanks for the positive feedback. I will certainly make changes and submit some variants of the font and load it for viewing. Sincerely, Kristina.

  • 2 RedHeads logo. #110
  • showing how customize we can make. thanks! #108
  • Hi! your comment is very important. #107
  • please check my entry #94
    rate it please
    I can provide you the .png .jpg .psd .ai .eps any format you want
    thank you
  • About #35, @am_designx
    Thanks For Your Feedback, Gimme Some time I'll submit revised Version ASAP. Thanks
    • Have you had time to revise and resubmit based on my last feedback?

    • @jordankorach Yeah, I am working on It. Will Submit Very Soon. Thanks

    • Hello - I still like your designs best. But, where did they go? I'd like to work off the first version you had. Still the one yet.. Can you show me that one again? This time with "2 RedHeads Custom T-Shirts" in the same color. . black The boys should be the only thing in the red/orange color. I like the smirk vs, the smile. Please keep the dimples. The boy with glasses should have mop-top/"surfer" style hair. Can you show do a few versions with different font types? I like clean edged fonts that would print well and are easy to read when small. Thanks!!

  • Dear @jordankorach ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #64
  • Hi! I hope you will like it. If you need any changes, do not hesitate to let me know please. Sincerely, Kristina. Thank you. #60
  • About #43
    Hello CH, I make different style at the glasses. I hope you like it.
    Please let me know if you want any change. Thank you. #43