2017 Central Ohio InfoSec Summit

Several great designs were submitted and DesignContest allowed us to communicate with designers to give our thoughts and feedback and get the type of logo we really desired. Will definitely use again!

$275 paid

62 custom designs

16pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #36 by kwik, Logo Design for 2017 Central Ohio InfoSec Summit Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kwik

Project description

The 2017 Central Ohio InfoSec Summit will be the 10th anniversary for our event, bringing together information security professionals throughout Central Ohio. The 2016 summit brought in nearly 900 attendees and the 2017 summit looks to bring in even more for our special 10th anniversary.

We're looking for a logo for our 2017 summit to use on our summit (infosecsummit.com) and chapter (centralohioissa.org) website.

We're open to ideas. Being in Ohio, perhaps the 'I' and '0' could be used as a 10 for our 10th anniversary. That's not required, just an idea we had.

We're also completely open to any colors.

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  • Hope you like this one! #61
  • About #58, @obreg18 i upload new design with new color, i hope you like it.. an i cange the color and anything you want :)
  • Another variation... #55
  • For your consideration #54
  • Team feedback - this distorts the shape of the state of Ohio, prefer #33 over this one. #32
  • Any revision, please ask #42
  • A lot of nice designs by everyone here. Once the contest closes, I will be sure to rate any of those that haven't been rated and then set up a vote by our board to select the winner.
  • Really like this one, although the 2017 isn't my favorite. Any other options for the 2017 on this one? #18
  • A little too plain. Looking for something more here. #16
  • 10th anniversary banner is covering up 2017 too much. #21
  • Hi, hope you like it, and feel free to let me know if you need anything, thank you. #39
  • medalian logo #34
  • Looks good, despite it being rather basic. #9
    • DRR

      @treasurer Thank you. I've submitted a couple of developments for your consideration. Still kept it quite simple so it can be used effectively much reduced for application to Summit collateral.

  • Mono mockup to show what my design #19 would look like in 'Black & White' #31
  • Any revisions, please ask! #19
  • Any revisions, please ask! #18
  • Any revisions, Please ask #17
  • Really like this. Please note the spelling of "InfoSec" summit not "InfoTec".

    Is the logo supposed to be tilted? #13
    • @treasurer Hi, thanks for the feedback - apologies for the misspelling . No its not tilted - its a mockup to show how it would look on paper. I'll post a flat, correctly spelled version.

  • Very nice. Like the colors and overall design. Also like the banner, which would be very useful. #7
    • @treasurer Thanks for the response and rating. I tried to make the design complimentary to your we site. I hoped it would tie in with your communications (email, brochure, invitations, schedule, etc.) Are there any changes or variations you would like to see? I am happy to make any alterations you may need. Thanks

  • Not fans of the color scheme or the state having multiple colors - just doesn't look right. "Central" is not visible enough and the "10th" looks awkward not being inline. #6