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Winning design #57 by CMurphy1005, Logo Design for 28th & Main Contest
Gold Medal

designed by CMurphy1005

Project description

28th & Main is a middle market online clothing and beauty product boutique. We would like for our design to fit in a circle but if you have another idea we would still love to see it. It should have the feel of the cool culture of the west village and the meatpacking district in New York City. We would like a bold yet minimal design that looks sort of vintage. It should be black and white as well.

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  • Hello CH! I've submitted #9 and I need your feedback to make it better! Kind regards, Benjamin.
  • Hello CH! Here are my new entries #14 and #15 . I keep it simple like the first version. Can you give me some feedback if it's OK or you want me to make some changes or try something completely different. Thank you!
  • Hello! I added to my logo #23 and #24 the tag-line "Est. 2014" but it can be easily removed or replaced without changig the general appearance of the logo.
  • We like your concept, can we see it with a few other fonts?
    • Sure!Now I work on it and I show you some variation

    • Sorry for the delay. This is #44 my logo with different fonts; I made some little variations even in the frame and in the decorative ornaments. I deleted the tag-line "Boutique" but I can add it again if you want. Please rate my design and give me some feedback so I can improve it even better. Thank you

  • Feedback please #43 So i can work on it. Need better frame or you want that i should work with wordings..
  • We really like this one, but we would like to see one version without the word boutique, and another version also without the word boutique and in the same font in lowercase.
    • Hello CH! Here are my new entries. #52 #53 #57 are the new versions of #50 without the word boutique. I also tried some other fonts for you to see #54 #55 and #56. Please give me some feedback if you want some changes. Kind regards, Benjamin

  • Hello CH! I've submitted #50 and #51 and I need your feedback. Thanks!
  • Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to submit - I have provided two options, #48 and #49. Let me know if you would like to see any changes. Good luck in your search!
  • Can we see this one with with the line in the middle like #51?
    • Hello! Here is the new version #63 . Please give me some feedback, I can still work on it and make some modifications if you like. Kind regards, Benjamin

  • http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/28th-main/entry/48/ Only one design per canvas is allowed