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Project description

We are a new company that supports development of health products (e.g. pharmaceuticals). Company name = 2Bridge Our mission is to bridge between data and results, to bridge between different disciplines, … to bridge the between initial molecule(s) and final active product. We might like to see a symbol or piictural mark representing the company name.

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  • Many thanks for the nice logos! First scores have been given by our group in order to give an indication. These were based on collected individual scores given for most preferable logo's. We most prefer a typical symbol related to Molecule(s) or health next to the company name.
  • Hi, I have added a description to work with a symbol or pictoral mark, if possible. Possible key words: drugs, molecules, patients, healthcare.
  • Hello CH, could you please leave me some feedback on my #17? thank you
    • Thank you for the nice logo. It contains a bridge between molecule and life, that is nice. It might be more serious and colours more in harmony.

  • Hello kvandeun1, Are there any colors that you would like to be applied to your logo?
    • |--|

      crimson1 {*wrote*}:
      Hello kvandeun1, Are there any colors that you would like to be applied to your logo?
      |--| Hi, we have no preferences set; we have not yet made a selection of colors to be used in our house style. This will depend on the logo.

  • Hi, I submitted updated logo #42 with symbol. please give me an opinion. Thank you.
    • Very dynamic. The D and G letters are nicely created.

    • I updated my logo, it's #61. Now it shows connection between molecule and health, I thought it might be interesting. Please, tell me what you think about it.

  • Hallo, i have just uploaded my design for your logo. It's #43, and i would like to know your opinion about it. Thank you.
    • Thanks. Please look at the comments, where we specified we would prefer a symbol.

    • Ok i'm gonna create something just for your needs and post it later. Thanks for the feedback.

    • I just uploaded a new logotype for you, please check it (#51) and tell me what you think. Thank you very much.

  • could you please leave me some feedback on my #40 ? thank you
    • The logo is nice, using a clear symbol on a molecule, however we do not see a link to patients' health. We may prefer a combination of colours.

  • Dear ZMAN, would it be possible to make some adaptations to the color of the logo and the font type of the lettes. We may want to see a variant if that is possible. Thanks in advance!
  • Dear all, many thanks for taking up the more medical symbols, I think that is fine for now. There is not yet a final choice, so please feel free to add any type of logo.
  • I updated my logo, it's #70 . Now it shows connection between molecule and health
  • Greetings! Please tell me what you think of my design, #68 and let me know if there are any change/alteration requests... Thanks!
  • Hi, Another design #66 is for your eyes. Hope something is closer to you. Need feedback please... Regards...
  • Hi, maybe some further inspiration for a signal of health; e.g. an ECG pattern. It is just one idea, but we would like to recognize in the logo our mission of health product development. These can be pharmaceuticals, but also combination with medical devices.
    • I made some new designs for this logo at #63. Please, let me know if there are some other combinations you would like to see.

  • Hi Kvandeun Design #62 is for your considerations. Need feed back to improve it more according to your choice. Thanks and Regards...
  • Hi, I submitted updated logo #85. please give me an opinion
    • Thanks, I think it complies with our criteria; we will discuss in our team.

  • Greetings! I have created 2 ideas for you. Please take a look at #68 and #82 and let me know what you think or if you'd like to see alterations. Thanks!
    • Thanks; the logos are original in a way but they do not comply with the request to be subtle and serious.

  • Hi, thanks for the nice logo. Would it be possible to see it on a white background? Thanks.
  • Thanks for adaptation; I wanted to make it more attractive for the other team members. The symbol is serious and covers our message, but the colors have now become too hard.
  • Thank you for the feedback on my first designs. I came up with a simple yet strong design for you. It is entry #100. The hex formation of molecules is represented in a way that also resembles a bridge with the end result of a pill. Please let me know what you think and thank you again for your time...
    • Thanks, although original it is not enough subtle and serious. Nevertheless good try.

  • HI kvandeun1 Goodday, I have submitted my design #109, #110 respectievly,So I hope you will like, also please give me any feedback. Thanks...
    • Thanks, the logos are very nice and refer to brdidging between complementary strings.