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Winning design #185 by BiggVn, Logo Design for 2FIve Media  Contest
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designed by BiggVn

Project description

2Five Media is a full service, film and videography company. We provide everything from - Videography/Film, Photography, and other multimedia related services.

Videography Services:
Commercials, Sporting Events, Music Videos, Movies, Documentaries, & More.

We are looking for a logo that is very creative, that will be a reflection of our companys creativity. The logo should be sleek, professional, and coordinated colors, no black background. Just enough to catch attention ;-) - We want to attract all ages, genders, and races so the logo should be very diverse. Please do not over complicate the logo, and make it an eye sore. Make it easy to read and eye catching. We take pride in the work that we do, and how we represent ourselves.

We want a "WORDMARK  LETTERFORM PICTORIAL, OR CALIGRAPHIC LOGO" incorporating the number "2" in the logo. (for 2Five Media)
DO NOT put a picture of a camera in the logo

Please see uploaded files.

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  • HI there 2fivemedia

    We have found you are using an entry form your contest on your website http://www.manta.com/cp/mx4p79v/557f9dc23bfdb8f36d47ee84/videography-photography-branding-more

    Please choose this entry as winner, after you choose entry as winner, the designer will upload the source files for you. If this entry is not chosen as winner by end of next week we will go ahead and mark this as the winner so the designer can be paid

    Thank you
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  • Về #186, Hi @2FiveMedia, the logo on a wall.
  • About #185, @BiggVn Can I see the design on a wall?
  • About #142, @BiggVn I really like this. But can you put the "f" it looks like a "r". Thanks!
  • About #142, @BiggVn can I see this on business card, letterhead, website, and tshirt?
    • About #184, @2FiveMedia
      Thanks for your rating, please check and feel free to change something else, just tell me. Thank you!

  • About #181, @designgeorge
    hello. please check #182. thanks
  • Can you show me a different font on the 2 #181
  • ....................................wow
  • 2 five media logo #155
  • 2 five media logo #154
  • About #147,
    Dear Mr @2FiveMedia, please tell me if you want something else to changed. Thank you!
  • About #142, @BiggVn can I see this in red and silver
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  • Logo #138
  • smooth #130
  • About #84, @wempi can I see this in red please?
    • @2FiveMedia ok, check this #117. :)

  • 2 five media logo in red #117
  • About #96, @RoManiac can I also see this in red?