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Winning design #22 by kwik, Logo Design for 3-C Realty Contest
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designed by kwik

Project description

Complete redesign of my real estate company's logo. I would like a corporate logo, also an icon which I can use for a splash page and address bar icon. Colors are Lime Green and Royal blue (codes below). Please note be creative but remember this is going on a real estate sign, bill board, and company shirts. Design must be bold, simple to read and POP the first time someone looks at it. **I DO NOT NEED THE DASH BETWEEN THE 3 & C, YOU CAN SUBMIT IT WITH 3C** Green color code #00FF00 Blue Color Code #0000A0

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  • Too wordy and long looking for something to POP off the page or a sign
  • I like it can you also try and put 3C in a green house with the green window in the same place?
  • Too plain, not what Im looking for. Please try again.
  • Needs more detail and jazz. I need this for signs and to make it jump off the page. The green is not bright enough and the blue needs to pop. I like the house in the C trying removing the dash.
  • On the right track I would like moire detail in the logo. This is going on a sign, bill board etc. I need it to "POP". I like the house in the logo, can you get both colors involved more etc? Also can you do a button with the 3C logo for an icon?
  • I like the offset. Realty too small and somehow needs to coordinate with the logo. Like to somehow make it all one logo. Can you incorporate a circle with 3C inside and realty in it. Try 3D or offset diagonal looking...
    • Hi please see my update design. thanks

  • too wide
  • Like the concept, maybe put the word realty behind 3C somehow it needs to tie together. On a good track but needs to POP!!
  • Too plain and doesn't pop.
  • House in the wrong spot, need a darker green. Make it pop, try angled or 3D
  • Way too plain
  • Doesn't work with a sign or a shirt.
  • Too much green.
  • on the right track just too plain try 3D
  • Can see 3C to conjested
  • Spread out the roof and make the 3C pop. Realty is too small. Need it to pop
  • Logo doesn't make any sense
  • Way too plain
  • too kiddy looking...
  • Too busy doesn't make sense