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Winning design #40 by maxx, Logo Design for 3ajeeb Contest
Gold Medal

designed by maxx

Project description

3ajeeb is a vending machine project that sells many things (Electronics, Beauty cosmetics, snacks, ...etc)

The logo should be very friendly and the vending themes will be using the same colors and look and feel for the logo.

Attached image with our fav colors.

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  • can you send me more options #81
    • Of course. Can you tell me, do you think the design or color?

    • http://picpaste.com/1-j576yyXL.png

    • About #81, @Alqenai

  • Can you please send me more options! #40
    • @Alqenai Hi, thanks for your interest in my logo. Contest has expired so I can't upload more entries. You can extend contest or select me as a winner and we will have one week to work on more options. Best regards.

  • please feedback to my design sir,, thanks #123
  • Check it.
    thanks #117
  • Check it out and if you want some changes so let me know.
    thanks #116
  • @Alqenai why you name '3ajeeb' ? #63
    • @ccboy It's arabic word which means 'So weird' or 'strange' in a positive way.

  • Dear CH,
    please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #100
  • b l #87
  • if any revision i will fix as soon as possible, thanks ^_^ #80
  • Hope you find this satisfying .. Plz .. Feedback is highly valuable and really appreciated ! #73
  • please check my design #58, #59, #60. thank you
  • just a mock up on buissnes card #41
  • very friendly, playful with your fav colors.
    and illustration of vending machine in between the letters A and J. #15
  • Logo is submitted for consideration. feedback will be responded quickly. #11
  • hope you like the design #7 #9