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I would like to have a logo and card designed for my modern furniture/interiors company. I really like asian/japanese minimal art, if that fits in your design. I also would like to incorporate squares, again if you see fit. Minimal and simple is key here. Thanks!! UPDATE: I like fonts that are minimal and delicate. And although I like the asian signature stamp, I would like it less intrusive, maybe just a hint at it. My furniture is modern and has a slight asian feel to it, but its not overbearing.

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  • Dear CH, I hope you like me revision of #14 , #57 . I made everything more sharp and compact. Thank you, Creativitron
  • Hi CH, please look at my entries #50, #51 and #52. I revolved the logo around the Asian stamp design and Square. Each option is minimalistic and compact and can be used as a stamp/seal or sticker as well. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!
  • like logo, can you change the color to the raspberry? and make the 'interior' font more minimal please? thanks!
  • still like the original better...
  • I like this, but can you make the logo font less playful and more serious
  • dear contest holder......... #41 is my new design ...plz check it out
  • Designers no mockups allowed in logo contests, no self adv either
  • no mockups allowed in logo contests http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/3bc-interiors-and-furniture/entry/31/report/
  • no mockups allowed in logo contests no mockups allowed
  • Thanks for feedback, Amy! The words 'interiors' and 'furniture' can be used in 3 different formats: In a square format, or in row, depending the place as you use it! For example, square logo on cards, and a row logo on email signs and website header. Well, I sent a new revision of this, #33, with square format! It's the same concept, with the letters on a only one symbol. Plese send me your comments to make the necessary changes and maybe, create the logo are you looking for!!!! So, with the #33, we can see that this project don't looks good on the square format. I think the other old ones are better. I sent a new one, #37, with a modern look, like a asian font! Hope you like it. I received a adv. for submit a mockup for cards. Sorry! I cannot sen more comments here, but I can read your feedbacks. Hope you like it. Best regards, Flinkas
  • actually - it looses your whole concept when you do that, huh?
  • dear ch, i have submitted #31 hope you like it. kindly give some feedback please.. thanks
  • too much of a focus on lamps.. if the font was more simple and minimal it would be more my style..
  • i like this one better, than your other one... can you make that graphic with black instead of gray and maybe incorporate an 'asian stamp signature' into it? I like the squares, but maybe take out the flower shape? thanks!
  • can you do more square and delicate looking?
  • ok, i can your talented... but can you can make this more minimal? possibly Asian direction. Just overall lighter and more delicate? thanks!
  • good - but can you change the font of 'interiors & furniture' please? would like more minimal and delicate. Can the red circle be a square, or does that mess with the flow? thanks!!
  • I like the black/white one better. Could you make the font less round and see how it looks? thanks!
  • I really like these, can't tell which one is better at this moment, meaning which one makes the 'B' more readable. Can I see that little square with an 'asian stamp signature' incorporated in it? thanks!
  • hi CH, just submitted #30 entry. any feedback??? thanks. .