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Winning design #113 by GJR, Logo Design for 3D Prima Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GJR

Project description

Logotype for new Swedish company which will sells 3D Printers. Logo should mainly be used online. Simple, strict and nice logo which should look professional. Basic colors, 2 or 3 colors would be enough. Solid colors without shading we believe is clear and good. Logo with symbol and text or just an text Logo 3D Prima or 3D Prima.com as the company have the domain www.3dprima.com

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  • Pls try with basic color solid and no tones. Text name are more important than the symbol
  • Pls try with basic colors solid and no tones. Text name are more important than the symbol
  • Must be more strict.
  • Nice symbol would it be possible to make it even more clear and easy to read without loosing look?
  • Symbol to complicate to understand I believe
  • Try symbol with only 1 color and with 2 colors and text 3D Prima in one color
  • Very hard to read out 3D Prima with this symbol and font
  • Hard to read with bad contrasts
  • Nice cleen design. Symbol I don't really know. Looking at it fast it looks like a car tire imprint.
  • Hi CH, this is a draft, anything can be altered in design to suit your needs. thanks - blocpuzz
  • Don't understand the cube. Maybee try without the cube and and something else. An text only logo could also be ok
    • Hi Jacob. Thank you so much for the feedback. the cube represent the 3D View. the X,Y,Z. this view help you create 3D. ^_^ i made other study. hope you like it. #78 #79 #80 #81

  • Hard to read out 3D in the symbol but could be something if you make some changes maybee
  • Hard to see and understand symbo
  • Nice, how would a version with 3D Prima och 3D PRIMA written out under the symbol look?
  • Nice idea with the symbol.
  • I like the font. Try with some solid colors on the symbol
  • Maybee you could make a version without .com at the end. and some other version, but it's hard to come with sugestions
    • #131 posted for your consideration. Thank you. ..

  • Nice and clean
    • I am glad you like it. Thanks.. . Is anything you want to change?

  • Hello CH, I just submitted #71, #72 and #74, any feedback would be appreciated it. Best Regards, Anaid