4 Brothers Buy Houses

Worked well. Got a logo that I am happy with. Wouldn't have been something I would have come up with on my own.

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Winning design #41 by khoyusof, Logo Design for 4 Brothers Buy Houses Contest
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designed by khoyusof

Project description

We are 4 brothers in our late 20s to early 30s who buy, renovate, and sell single family houses in the washington, dc area (like the TV shows- 'flip that house'). I'm looking for a logo that incorporates 4 brothers- and feels like it is related to single family home real estate. The 'pep boys' logo I included is sort of the feel I am looking for, but I don't want it to be too cartoonish/child like. The main thing is for people to feel like we are an honest, straightforward, family run business that they can trust to sell their house to.

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  • Do you want faces in the design? What are your color preferences?
    • Hi yes I think I do. Don't have to be full on faces. Can be like representations of faces just to give you the idea it's a business run by 4 brothers. Then 4 brothers buy houses underneath picture. The 'buy houses' part emphasized. 4 white late 20s/early 30s brown haired guys. Nice looking. 1 wish a little bit of facial hair (stubble)

    • Hi I think do the outline of heads with hair but no faces. Color preferences I'm not sure. I think light gray and light blue, but also would try light gray and light green and maybe light gray and like light purple

    • Hi I like number 7. Please make the '4 brothers' part a slightly smaller font size than 'buy houses'

  • Hello, mr joncarcone #14 is just concept. "4brothers" is good and warm name for small family firm. Your job is houses and repair. So this logo gonna tell a short story about, when I change "S" for $ (and keep tubes in another letter). I've sent very sketch, and need a due after new year if it's possible. Thank you. Anton P.
  • hallo... CH... Please check my entri # 9 , Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
    • Hi I'm looking for something that represents 4 brothers more- like 4 face outlines or 4 shadow outlines or something like that. We are white, dark hair- around 30 years old. Also the 'buy houses' part should be slightly larger font than '4 brothers' part

  • hi ch Hello CH, I've submitted . #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Waiting for your feedback or review. Thank you very much
    • |--|

      musaver786 {*wrote*}:
      hi ch Hello CH, I've submitted . #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Waiting for your feedback or review. Thank you very much
      |--| I think I like number 5, but let's remove the price rage so it's just faces over the house icon, change colors to light gray and light blue, make the 'buy houses' text a little larger than '4 brothers' in company name. Lastly, let's see if we can make the house icon look more modern/unique somehow?

  • Hey-- 1 more version if you don't mind: can you make the '4 brothers' a little bit smaller, the 'buy houses' a little bit bigger- but still keep '4 brothers' larger than 'buy houses'? And keep everything else the same
  • About #25 and #26 Can you leave feedback and/or rate my designs, so I know am I going right direction. Thank you Aizer
  • Hi CH, Please find my entry #20, #21, #22, feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • hi CH..., I've changed my design from the previous. Please check my entri # 16 and # 17 , Any feedback will be helpful. thanks
  • Can you do something incorporating face outlines/body shadows of 4 guys in their late 20s/early 30s? I like the color scheme here and overall look and feel of it- but want to have something different representing the 4 brothers than the 4 hands
  • Can you try to do something with the face outlines of 4 guys in their late 20s/early 30s and incorporating real estate?
  • I like this one quite a bit. Can you make the '4 brothers' text slightly smaller and the 'buy houses' text slightly larger?
  • Looks pretty good. Can you do something to represent each of the 4 brothers that looks less like a face? More like something like the 'men' symbol on a bathroom, maybe... or something like that- still 4 of them, like you have the faces. then can you also soften/lighten all the colors? and lastly move the house to the left of the 4 brothers buy houses instead of the right.
    • AVR

      Hi Mr. Joncarcone.. Thanks for comments.. pls see and feel free to comments #61 Regards

  • I like these. Can you adjust the '4 brothers' to make it slightly smaller and the 'buy houses' to make it slightly larger on both the logo versions you sent?
    • I've made​​, and I can not return entries, because my level is still low, I can only send 3 designs only,, can you help me?

  • I've made​​, and I can not return entries, because my level is still low, I can only send 3 designs only,, can you help me? joncarnone
  • Can you try a gray (like you have it) and then a few lighter shade of blue instead of the red?
    • Hi CH Thank you for the feedback, i'll take a look now

    • Hi CH, please find amended versions #55. Regards SJK

  • Hi Jon, Please find my entries #51 , #52 , #53 , #54. I have played with the idea of the 4 brothers symbolising 4 keyholes. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • Looks good. Can you try a version with the '4 brothers' text a little smaller and the 'buy houses' text a little larger. Still want '4 brothers' to be larger than 'buy houses', but not quite as much of a size difference between the 2
  • Adjustment you made on other one is perfect. Let's make the lines on either side of 'buy houses' shorter so that buy houses is same width as the '4 brothers' text above it
  • Can you move the house icon down a little bit so it is more centered with the 2 lines of text next to it?
  • This one is good. Can you also do 1 where the house logo is to the left of the '4 brothers buy houses' language? But please make house logo close to '4 brothers buy houses'. Will use it for website.