420 dice game

REally enjoyed all the designers, and appreciate how many countries were represented in the design…Thanks Billy

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Winning design #143 by PCrane, Logo Design for 420 dice game Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PCrane

Project description

the 420dice      is rolling 2 dice   1 dice has 2 red 420s 2 green 420s 2 gold 420 logos on it 

 the 2 nd dice has 2 red  bongs 2 green joints and 2 yellow pipes
 the roller of the dice needs to match colors like red 420 with red bong then do a bong hit 
   if colors don't match  next roller rolls.
.looking of cool logo   americas 1st marijuana dice game ...

I Need it to say.    420 dice.          Not 420dice game.  My fault.      Please do 420 dice.      Love the designs thanks

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  • see #136, #137, #138,,,thanks..
  • ​Hello,
    I appreciate your description but with a little discussion the work will be better, I need to having a feeling & look about your website (URL) of your business, and also I have a concern about the color scheme that you really want the logo to be. also do you intend to print your logo onto a particular materials in near the future as(wood, cloth, glass, mugs, ..etc) ,what about animating logo ?
    and finally would you like the logo to be a letters as (Facebook, Coca-cola, Samsung, Google..etc) or shape with letters like (Apple, Microsoft, Mercedes, BMW, ....etc) ?

    thanks a lot.

    (1) URL of your business website ?
    (2) Color scheme ?
    (3) Printing purposes ?
    (4) animated logo is good or bad 4u?
    (5) Letters or Shape or both ?
  • ok #130
  • better #127
    • @Vajadoo i did the leaf down like it was rolling the dice but let me know what you want to change

    • @Vajadoo rate that fucker so i can see it up front lol

  • Can u turn leaf up wright
    Thanks #120
  • k #129
  • another #128
  • Thanks for your consideration....but good luck from here on. Cheers.

  • like that #126
  • Kindly check my entries... hope you like. Thanks :)
  • 1 dice has the numbers on it 420 the other dice has a bong i like it #91
    • About #91, @billy420s thanks u so much Mr. Billy

  • can u put the number 420 in 1 dice and a bong image in other #98
  • i like can u do red gold and green for 42o dice game words #86
    • @billy420s Sure thing. I will fix that for you right now. Thanks for the feedback

  • can you redo dice with 420 on 1 and joint on other #85
  • i like it can u make things stand out more #87
  • @billy420s, here's the new version #83, please check if that's what you meant. thank you
  • leaf has to be green make leaf bigger change white to yellow for background thanks #82
  • i like it can u change background color and have dice on yellow 420 red bong take take away leaf background trace leaf in white thanks #78
    • @billy420s hi, i'm not sure if this is what you really meant #82, but i tried to submit it & see what more you need be fixed, & i'll work on it. please check. thank you

  • can u make other sides of each dice with 420 0n the 420 and a joint and pipe on bong dice really like
    how would it look with it staked from the leaves then dice then the word dice then dice game bellow that up and down #79
    • About #79, @billy420s
      sorry i dont really understand. could u simple explain for me

  • i really like the 420 dice game can u make some diff dice thanks #81