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Winning design #116 by sikdesigns, Logo Design for 440 Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sikdesigns

Project description

We are an event production company that organizes weddings, corporative events and private parties. At the same time, we have another project in which we make and perform music as Dj's and musicians. This means that the company (the new logo) may go hand by hand with our music project. You can find the Ana & Sven in the following link: https://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/ana-sven/ 

So what we have in mind is the logo 440 and close to it (above, under, in, or next to it) the legend: "by Ana & Sven".
Follow the link to the logo, so you can get an idea of the concept, consider it for your design, make them work together or not.

Why 440?
440 hertz is a frequency that serves as a general tuning standard for musical pitch. 
We want our logo transmit music, sound, vibrations, etc..
Once again, this are only ideas to consider, don't close your design to only this. 

Note: As we said before the two logos may be similar and match, but they don't necessarily have to be the same. It can be colorful, and express a totally different thing from Ana & Sven. You guys are the designers so propose and let the best one win!

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  • Hello! Can we try the Ana & Sven a bit smaller with the same concept as the logo #136 and also can you add the "by"; just to check if it fits and looks okay?
    Thanks! :) #116
    • @acespinosa_47 Unfortunately because the contest has expired I am unable to submit revisions, however once a winner has been selected we have the ability to make any needed revisions in the finalization stage. Thanks again.

  • vibrating 440 #131
  • please check, #125
  • please check, #123
  • 440 #122
  • Thank you for the different designs! Can we use the first the design you proposed with the "Ana & Sven" that you used on this one? Thanks! #88
    • @acespinosa_47 Sure no problem. Please see #116.

  • I hope you like my design , and let me know if you need anything , thank you . #103
  • I hope you like my design , and let me know if you need anything , thank you . #102
  • The idea is amazing period. The contrast between orange and black makes us think of Halloween. Could we change that orange and try to fit somewhere "by ana & sven"? Thanks! #35
    • @acespinosa_47 Thank you for the rating and feedback. I have worked on the design and created 3 different versions - #96, #97 and #98. Let me know your thoughts.


  • Brilliant! We just love it. Just to be sure of it, could we try different color lines? And have the "Ana & Sven" with the original font from the link?
    Thanks! #31
    • @acespinosa_47 Great! Glad you love it. I will add the Ana & Sven logo and provide a few more color options. Thanks for the feedback.

    • @acespinosa_47 Please see #88, #89, and #90.

  • We really like your design. Could you add the "&" between the Ana & Sven? Can we also try more colors?Thanks! #82
  • We love the concept. Can we try another font for the 440? And the music led levels with colors? :) #74
  • We like the idea. We would like to see this design with colors.
    Thanks. #56
  • looking for your feedback and ratings.............. #78
  • The Sixth Idea #76
  • Dear Sir
    logo attached
    plz feedback
    thanks #75
  • I hope you like my design , and sorry if it is not satisfactory , thanks #70
  • please checked it,thanks sir #69
  • I hope you like my design , and sorry if it is not satisfactory , thanks. #68
  • Fifth idea #67