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Winning design #1176 by kulay, Logo Design for 4Health Farms Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kulay

Project description

We are a cattle corporation in Missouri focusing on a better way to raise cattle and in turn provide better, healthier meat for our community. We are using a special breed of cow called Wagyu to do so. So far for our branding identity we have had someone in-house prepare a design. We like the design but are looking for feedback or other ideas for our logo. We like the feel of the current logo so please feel free to use it for inspiration.  We would like for the barn idea to still be incorporated, or even for it to be more prominent in the design. Feel free to provide new ideas, and submit as many times as you like. Please make sure that 4Health is the most prominent part of the design. LINK TO CURRENT LOGO --> https://4healthfarms.tumblr.com/ PLEASE MAKE SURE TO VIEW CURRENT LOGO

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  • heres another option #1177
  • i just read your earlier request. here it is #1176
  • here i made adjustment on the spacing of the cow from the barn the green color is also another option #1174
  • Can we also see a version of this where the cows are a little bigger? #1153
  • Previously I want to thank you, because I really like your contest.
    I hope you can give me feedback for my design, if there are any additional or deficiencies in my design please give feedback so I can fix it.
    Glad to be able to make design for you.
    Thank You :) #1166
  • Can I see it where the grass is kept green but the barn and the stripes are red and the cows stay the same? #1148
  • Concept-08 #1165
  • Concept-07 #1164
  • Concept-06 #1159
  • Concept-05 #1158
  • Can I see this design where just the grass is green and the tail on the right cow is removed? #951
  • this is beauty and simple logo for 4health farms #1143
  • I'am ready to your feedback.thx #1139
  • If any revision, i will fix as soon as posibble #1137
  • one last attempt..thank you #1136
  • please feedback my design :) #1133
  • Please Advise #1129
  • Please Advise #1128
  • Concept-04 #1127
  • Concept-03 #1126