4th generation family Timber company needs help getting with 20th century!!


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Winning design #50 by Narddog, Logo Design for 4th generation family Timber company needs help getting with 20th century!! Contest
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designed by Narddog

Project description

Our customers are mainly land owners farming their trees. We cut trees in the south east to include Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, etc . We are looking for pine trees to be in logo but wont turn anything away. We are not very creative and are excited about what you may come up with!!!

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  • Here is a version that I think would work really well in all uses- advertising, websites, t-shirts, business cards, ads, etc., I also have a version that is the flat green- that would work great if you had a one or two color job. - Also- I didn't realize that you preffered the Timber Services part to be the more prominent part. If you like the direction of this one- I can switch it up for you.
  • Ok Vickyb I understand ... but why erase all the two ?!?!
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • disreguard previous comment obout highlighting timber services
  • #45, i have done a version with Timber Services being the focus. I have also added a background. Let me know if you would like to see any revisions.
  • Hi, This is my proposal for your logo project, please let me know of any suggestion, Best Regards, Vani
  • #23 revised image of #2. I added a background and changed the tree type. Let me know if you want any changes.
  • #24, the background is removed and font color is changed. Let me know if you would like further adjustments.
  • like this could you use longleaf, slash or loblolly pine in background instead
  • like this may ask for revision later
  • like this very much. simple and modern
  • would you revise with longleaf, slash or loblolly pine instead
  • would you revise with a pine cone image in upper left corner instead?
  • could you revise with an image of a longleaf, slash or loblolly pine?
  • could you resubmit this entry with a different pine. Needs to be native to North Florida - longleaf, slash or loblolly pine.
  • If using a pine tree in the logo, please note that we are located in North Florida. The pines native to our area are longleaf, slash, and loblolly pine. Most pines pictured in the logos submitted are native to Northern or Western states and will not be suitable for our purposes.
  • Backgrounds are not allowed.
  • #46 is similar to #45 but with only less trees. Let me know if you would like any adjustments made. Sorry, i read some time ago you wanted the words to focus on timber and not big bend so i have made these based on this. I later noticed you said to ignore this. I can easily change this. P.S i think the big bend looks better personally and it has a good ring to it.