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Winning design #134 by jctoledo, Logo Design for 50th aniversary Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jctoledo

Project description

We have reached our 50th aniversary this year and are aiming to include in our image a 50th year logo. The logo since its for a Portuguese company cannot contain the "th" on the 50. The logo should follow the image of our corporate logo and contain the following information: "50" "anos" (years in Portuguese) "1962 - 2012 " Thank you for your dedication, Yours sincerely V. Nobrega

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  • We dont expect to see the original logo in the 50th birthday logo. Thanks
  • Hi CH, On my first two post's I've tried to keep the design of your logo, but I would like to know what I can change: colors, lettering and the main format(triangle!), or if that's a requirement to keep it as it is?? Thanks
  • Our corporate logo can be found on the example file.
  • no backgrounds unless requested by the contest holder
  • %15, i am hoping this is what you are looking for. You want your logo with the 50 year design correct?
  • my design logo has a good highlighted in my work, and all I wish that my logo will be selected on good prospected work, I welcome to see my designed logo at work. I wish to get this wonderful oppertunity to mark up my design is my design is selected than I am sure that more of my work will get responce and more new style of logo will be brought with time in highlight with time. Thank you
  • #73 #74 These are my studies to your 50 years logo. I tried to stay away from your actual logo, but still preserving the same feel. Any modifications are welcome... Happy Anniversary! More success to the company! Jctoledo
  • Lets try to fit in the colours of our logo..maybe the green or gold/yellow
  • your entry is too close to another designers entry http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/50th-aniversary-logo/entry/43/report
  • Going on the right direction. We like the subtle way you have inserted the logo in the 50th year logo. Lets try to just keep the sun to create the " 0 " and play with that.. Thank you
  • Ch, Do you have a copy of your logo? I would like to add to my design using it. If you could upload it here and confirm that would be great.
  • Olá sr. Nobrega, I can't find the logo you mentioned in the brief note, but as i see it the logo is a pyramid, so it would fit perfectly somewhere in the empty space inside the "5".
  • "Our corporate logo can be found on the example file". Where is your logo, in the brief I didn't find any attached. Thanks, kooper.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Thank you for your feedback. Please check revisions: #91 #92 #93
  • JCToledo! Congrats! Your two logos 133 and 134 were the ones that fitted better our expectations and image. The two logos are similar and we are not sure in which one would we use, could you please upload the two versions of these two logos (133 and 134) ? Thank you again for your effort,
  • #124 and #126 the company has been a rising sun making lives greener over these last fifty years. hope u like my design. thanks and congratulations for the 50 anniversary
  • Fourviewshotels, Thank you sir for choosing me as your winner. I have uploaded the two logos (#133 #134) The file also contains both in black and white version. Any modifications are welcome. Jctoledo