5th Street Art House

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Winning design #23 by Yahoooooo, Logo Design for 5th Street Art House Contest
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designed by Yahoooooo

Project description

I am opening an artists Gallery and this will be the sign hanging outside. looking for a circular sign and I would like the 5th street to be very prominent in the sign with the Art House maybe under the 5th street. I want a bold, loud, urban/city feel, modern and eye catching logo that isn't your typical bland gallery sign. I would like the color scheme to be a black and gold.

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  • Hello Contest Holder, I would appreciate comments on entry #7. I thought of playing around with the letters more, particularly in 'Street', but a goofy look is not luxurious and I went for a cleaner look. All the best!
    • Im looking for a more bold and loud font. I want the sign to be a punch you in the face attention getting logo that tells on lookers where and what we are. Really thought of the 5 taking up most of the sign with the th and street playing a smaller role and maybe Art House being placed top and bottom or left and right of the center 5th street. also this will be a sign that i plan on hanging out side a street building so needs to be round. would love to see what you can come up with. Thanks, Jon

    • Thank you for your reply! I will work with your helpful feedback.

  • i really like the colors and design of this one. the only thing id liked changed is the font and size of the 5th street. could you make the 5 larger almost filling the center of the yellow circle and the th a little smaller to the right of the 5 and the street under the 5 or smaller and under the th and to the right of a large 5. thanks Jon
  • Oops. I posted the wrong number. Correction: It's #19 and #20 Thanks.
  • could you change the color of the font to a gold/ canary color with black around the lettering but don't change the color of the yellow in the moon and light from the house.
    • Hey Jon, thanks for the swift reply. I made the color adjustments. #18 and #19. Thanks.

  • Hi beigeworks, Please let me know about what you think of #9, and #10. Do you any suggested improvements? Thanks
  • could you make more focus on the 5. maybe making it bigger and more bold of a look and a different style of font.
  • could you change the back ground color to a more vibrant, maybe gradient overlay, golden yellow
    • Hell CH, I've uploaded new version with more vibrant colors - #48. Is that what you had in mind? Best regards, Iridith

  • could i see this with golden yellow lettering in art house
  • could i see this designs with just art at the top and house at the bottom. also looking for a more stylish font for the 5 . everything else i like. Thanks, Jon
  • Hello Ch. Pls check the revised designs in entry #40. #39. Thank you..
  • hi, i really like your design. could you show me a couple more font options for the 5, even maybe making it bigger. also could you show me an example of the street going across over the 5. you are leading my contest as of now. thank you for your work. Jon
  • Thanks for the rating! I post a new image, the #33. If you want changes in #28 or #33, just ask.
  • how about a bright yellow for the 5th street and stars
  • same with this one
  • could you do a more vibrant yellow instead of gold
  • how about a brighter yellow or cannery color and making the TH larger
  • could i see the art house letters in black?
  • could you also show this with the brighter yellow color change and put the Art House wrapped under and to the right of the yellow circle
  • could you make the 5 a larger focus in the center maybe making the outer circle smaller and using a more vibrant loud yellow for the color
  • could i see the color more of a vibrant yellow and play with the 5 font to make it a little more stylish, something that stands out ands a little whimsical