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Cellforce did excellent work on my logo design. Cellforce was always polite, prompt, and creative in responding to my requests. I look forward to working with this very talented artist again.

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designed by Cellforce

Project description

I would like to design a logo for the corporation. It will be used on business cards, documents, stickers, t-shirts, etc. The following are elements that I would like to incorporate into the logo - we are software developers, so something that looks cool and techy Colors - I have always liked the colors of the Cleveland Browns football team. I admire the gritty nonglamorous color pallete of brown and orange. It seems like the look of someone who is hard working. palette available here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Browns#Logos - otherwise, black and silver or black and white would be nice too Bonus: The number 930 is an homage to porsche's design project #930, more commonly known as the 911 turbo. please don't do something really obvious like put a car on the logo. But if you could figure out a way to subtly hint at the reference in a way that would miss missed by all but the most avid porsche fans, I think that would be really cool. Also, we do a lot of work on Microsoft technologies, so perhaps something that looks like a tile from windows phone 7 or follows their metro-look might be cool.

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  • mrsharps, Thank you very much. I made the revisions you requested. I believe the logo will look find shrunk down to a low res quality. You are still able to read the text and recognize the skyline.
  • Good, but #28 is still better. Could you try making one that uses black and white at most as accent colors. The focus should be brown and orange. Maybe take #28 and make the number and trim orange? what is the motivation for the shape?
  • #32 is still better.
  • #32 is still better.
  • Good work. Could use a little more brown in it
  • I like the font on the numbers. but I'd prefer a simple squar background and more orange.
  • #46 is better
  • #29 was better
  • I don't like the horse
  • #48 is better
  • @Seinzami #21 is better, but I really just want a flat orange.
  • Love the font! Logo is pretty cool, but it would be great if something about this logo hinted that we are a software development company
  • Very Nice! Could use a little more orange (maybe the 930). Also, it'd be great to incorporate a little something that hinds that this company writes code. I'm not sure how to do that though. I could take the place of the skyline?
  • Very nice. Could you incorporate some orange?
  • Wow! This is amazing. A couple of tweaks: - more brown (maybe replacing the black)? - a different font for 'solutions' something stiffer, more robotic or futuristic - It looks amazing, but for low rez situations I'm not sure how the city skyline would look
  • not bad. The font looks a little plain and the vertical spacing of the two lines seems a little odd
  • I prefer your other version.
  • Good, but don't cut off the numbers.
  • Good work, just not quite what I'm looking for.
  • I don't like the angled crest. But it is cool that it looks like a wp7 tile