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I need a beautiful, yet simple and elegant logo. My last name is very short which makes it unbalanced when typed out in a line. I don't need all the letters capitalized, or even "A" and "H" for that matter. I don't want the logo to look too technical, so I would prefer if there are no images of a camera, a flash, or a heart. I like it when logos have a sense of independence (not a requirement) that can't be created from a standard font, although I do love basic logos (with the right font) of just the name itself. The word photography is optional. I prefer logos to be more horizontal than vertical.

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  • The pictoral mark doesn't relate to photography here. I got the feeling from the mark that it was something to do with dentistry. Hmm.
  • Not bad. I'd like to see more work done to the initials, and perhaps size the photography part so it is equal to the name.
  • The other font was better. And change the pictoral mark to something more stylish - it looks a little technical being a triangle in a square.
  • I don't like this font at all.
  • Design looks too old. I need it to look recent and stylish.
  • can you perhaps remove the pictoral mark and use some kind of ornament, line flourish of some sort?
  • Not what I'm looking for but good attempt.
  • I'd like my logo to look more recent. It needs to be clean and epic.
  • needs more style. the logo must look recent. this design looks too plain.
  • Surely, you know what "aho" sounds like...
  • needs more style to it.
  • I like this but the pictoral mark needs to change - and the font look a little more professional?
  • I think it needs more customization.
  • I like this, but the pictoral mark needs to change to something else. It looks too technical.
  • Good idea, but I don't like the look of Andrew Ho. It doesn't fit my target audience.
  • Good idea, but I don't like the look of Andrew Ho. It doesn't fit my target audience.
  • I like the fashion feel to the font, but I feel it is lacking something.
  • Good customization of the font, but I don't feel the sense of style and beauty that weddings are.
  • I like this but can you change the swans to something else?
  • I like the font but I feel the layout doesn't fit my style.