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As usual, your work must be original, so no third party images can be used in your design. The work should be done in vector format.

 The image that you upload should be sized to 640x480px. You keep all the rights for the image and you are free to use it for any future projects even if you win the contest.

The winner will be determined by the poll open to all registered members of the DC community. I am sure that the members will judge the creativity, the drawing skills and your sense of humor. Just as usual, the winner of this contest will receive a DC t-shirt from our store and will move one step closer to enrollment to the Elite Design Team.

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  • Hi Sharie, I understand about the cuteness, but I didn't put a brighter green outline to the font. Can you show me a print screen? XD
  • Coy
    gregoshe no there shouldn't be any clipart or thrid party premade images. If you see these type of things you need to pm Sharie or myself about them w/ a link to the cipart you've spotted. Thanks
  • I just wanted to say that I also am not a big fan of the New Animal Planet logo redesign. BUT, i never saw it as a dead animal, rather, i think that they are trying to emulate the muzzle of a barking dog with the "M". I am, however, excited about this project!
  • I am confused...Are we allowed to use clip art and third party pre made logo designs? because...theres a lot of that in these "re-designs"
  • Cute design but maybe too cutsie. The WWF uses a panda also.The font is ok but not sure about the brighter green outline. I look forward to seeing more of your work
  • The design to me doesn't have a "clean" look. An animal print background could make the logo to busy also. Interesting idea though. I look forward to seeing more of your work I eliminated your double entry.
  • I didnt mean to post mine twice, how do i take it down? or can someone take it down for me?
  • The font is a bit hard to read. I know "green is the trend right now but maybe adding another color to make it pop more? Not sure about the lone dolphin and being green. Keep up the good work can't wait to see more
  • Very interesting. I agree with justaer, This could be an interesting poster. I think this design is better in a large format, Being small scale it might be hard for some to see the world behind the tear marks. Too many colors and maybe too busy/complicated for a logo.
  • A very creative concept ;] I like it -- although, now I think about it, it would probably work better as a poster or flyer than a logo.. Either way, good job!
  • This is cute but also not too cute. I can see something like this for an animal planet kids channel, if there was one.
  • This could have potential, clean lines, simple I wonder though if the text was blue or yellow, using the three colors some how to represent land,water and sky...
  • lol squeeze, smash maybe? oops no I don't smash spiders, just joking with you. All critters are treated equal here at DC! I'm not sure though a spider would make a good logo...maybe a web if you wanted to go the aracnid direction
  • interesting concept. The "I" is very hard to pick out. I can see the ball of animal print change from fur to feathers, scales you name it could be interesting but could be way too much for a logo
  • Not sure what one I like better, I think this one but still have hard time picking out the "E"
  • Very nice. The "E" is hard to pick out though. very creative
  • This is nice and I could see this working. If something like this was to be a real logo for animal planet..I could see them switching and using different animals in the space you have the giraffe, a different animal every month or different one for different areas on the planet
  • I like this except I find the "A" hard to pick out of the design.Maybe half a line crossing through the "A" but not touching the the other side of the "A". One other thing I would liked to have seen is the "a" upright and maybe the P" uopside down..only because I read left to right so I would see the "A" first. This is a very nice design
  • The animal print makes this hard to read. I like the idea though of the text going across a planet, I wonder what the text would look like if the letters in the green circle were blue for water
  • This is a pretty nice looking design. The drop shadow shou;d be gone and I wonder about the red circle. I can guess maybe, the blue for water, green for land what about yellow for the sun