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The logo will be used on our website and in print. Ideally, the mobile app context should be apparent from the logo, as well as the healthcare orientation.
Optionally, a subtitle of 'Mobile Solutions for Healthcare IT' can be used.

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  • Quite powerful but not suitable for this company. Thanks anyway!
  • Thanks for the revision but I don't think this will work.
  • It was my idea but not the best one I guess..
  • I wanted to provide this with all of what you asked, however, I think it looks good with just the three lines as well...
  • I think the blue is better
  • that was quick! Now I am lost. What works best: blue or yellow according to you? I was also wondering if making the first A the same blue would add something. I feel we are getting close now.
  • Could you still make a revision with blue instead of yellow? Thanks !
  • could you try 3 horizontal yellow lines, and maybe emphasize the blue 'smartphone' shape.
  • Hi Paulo, I'm still comparing to #3138 and wondering which is better. I first preferred the other one but the more I see this one, the better I like it.
  • Nice and fresh!
  • This is very nice, looks very modern. You kept your best for last. We'll see if someone can do better the next days... Thanks a lot already for this nice work. Maybe I will still ask to try other colors but will let it sink in first...
  • It's better but still too heavy, compared to #3151 it looks a bit old now, sorry.
  • I'm not sure about this one, specifically the long 'tails' of the cross.
  • I like these colors a lot better, thank you!
  • I must say, well found! I wonder how it would look in blue and with a font more similar to #3096 or #3094...
  • Could you please still make the Aptrica font color more blue and the subtitle a bit darker grey? Thanks!
  • No, I think this is too heavy and I don't like the colors (I know this is personal).
  • Not bad at all, also very nice in white on blue. I'm not convinced about the 'circles' around the cross, maybe you can work on that still?
  • Nice, but I preferred your other design #3062
  • I like it but without the dr sign, maybe also place the dot on the i so that it can become the base of the network signal?