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Our company is new but have been doing construction in Alaska for over 15 years. I need something very clean and sharp. Professional looking, or rough professional if that makes sense. Clever and creative are good. Something that can work well on letterhead, business card, qualification packet, bid packet, etc. Alaskan based company but not pigeon holeing to just Alaska. I just chose some color options and they dont have to be used at all or only some but not all together. Feel free to develope something eye catching.

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  • Hello Thank u really appreciated ur feedback :) i'll try some more concepts..thanks
  • I really like it, just almost too precise for a construction company.
  • Doesn't quite catch me. thanks for the work
  • Good but almost too much. thanks
  • This is a good idea, I like it! could you try and move the graphic down as the background behind the text and lower it enough that the brown mountain is below the word Arcitc. just to see what it looks like. nice!
  • for some reason you I cant rate them if they are on the left side of my screen...? dont dont.
  • Thanks, just not catching me.
  • This is looking good! Could you try to lighten up the color in the mountains, possibley grey's and put them centered in the background of the company name just to see how it looks. great job!
  • This is moving in the right direction. Maybe try and bold the "Terra". try squishing everything a little closer together. Maybe see if you can make the white line look a little more like a mountian. Great adjustments!
  • Its very nice! Just is't working for my eye though. thanks
  • these are good but almost a little too clean for a constructin company. very good though
  • This is really good. Can you try a few diffent things just to see how it looks. Maybe play with color and fonts. I like it!
  • Hello :) this logo represents the letter "A" in the form of ice mountains ..looking forward for ur thoughts..thank u
  • new graphic on the left, maybe incoporate with the text. not sure, good though
  • Text looks good. doesnt really catch my eye. probably take out "for landwork and heavy equip". Not to into the graphic. Maybe give it some life
  • I like the text and the graphic is a cool design but maybe not the right fit. good job.
  • For some reason it wont let me rate this one. This is going the right direction though. Hope you can understand my previous comment
  • Heading the right direction, posted new comments
  • This is good, would like to see a revision with my comment from below. thank
  • I like the font and text. no color on the background, might make it tough for certain things. Maybe without the extra working as well, just the name. good job