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The logo needs to be a business logo, think live streaming, communications and technology.

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  • shamaka100, no you cannot.
  • can i deleted my post & post it again
  • colodo or colido.....i make my logo on colodo and after i post it its colido......if u like my work i can change the latter after:)
  • Just as a general question to the host of the contest, The word Colido is troubling me. The Linguistics are not confusing, when the word "Colido" is broken down, Co="joint effort" and Lido="A recreational facility including a swimming pool for water sports" I am hoping that the Linguistics of the word isn't why the word was chosen, can you provide any more information on the reasoning for this name...Conceptual development can be rather limited if all I know about you is communications is you thing...ya dig
  • thank you jsandnes, kindly mark #1531 as "Needs Work" ...
  • I like this entry too, but it kind of makes me think "RSS" because of the I, but i really like the font and color.
  • This is until now my favourite entry, but i wonder, if you also could try this one in blue? Good job!
  • By the way...the binary code actually spells out 'Colido'
  • haha - thanks :)
  • Colido :-) It is a typo in the company name! Thanks for asking!
  • Colodo or Colido?