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I am looking for a logo to be designed, both as a badge/symbol and also as the software title itself.
I want a logo of the actual phrase, (both of them) and also a 'motif' that can be used for the site and any marketing we use.
The software is entitled 'Shadow Analyser' (there will also need to be a 'Shadow Analyzer' version too).
The software recovers data from 'Shadow Volume Copies', a system area within Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is designed for use primarily in the Digital Forensics world and also in the Data Recovery world.
I have no real ideas of what I want, so I know that this is annoying, but when I see the right design I am sure I will know immediately. I have used this site before and bought designs, so I know that you guys out there are very good. I have confidence that you will be able to help.

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  • erk suddenly the color change to light red
  • did not meet the post requirement and also did not use the official DC canvaas
  • all entries must be presented on official canvas. Multiple infractions will result in ban.
  • You are only allowed to have one design sample in your entry, no version variants allowed
  • Having binary in the logo is fine.
  • Its good but it reminds me of the candian flag.
  • How do feel about having binary in the design?
  • all entries must be presented on official canvas. READ THE RULES thanks
  • Please dont take offence Salomon05, but in the 'industry' its considered a bit passe, naff to have either a fingerprint or a magnifying glass. I would prefer something different, but I am totally open to suggestions. FYI the project is open for another 2 days. Regards, Simon
  • Today is the deadline and I have not seen any conversation. Would you mind something with a magnifying glass?
  • The logo is for 'Shadow Analyser' I will also want the logo to have the American spelling too: 'Shadow Analyzer' Thanks, Simon
  • Hi i need to ask about the name in the logo is it Disklabs ltd or Shadow Analyser??