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Sue wants a design that encompasses her skills as above but doen't put her in a niche. A previous design was produced, however at the last minute rejected as it contained the words Arts & Education. Sue now believes her design should not pigeon-hole her in any way and be more "generic". The logo should include the chinese character  as this is "Su". Over to you all


Message from the administration: it is an open contest, which means that all members can submit entries. However please read this document before submitting your work to this contest.

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  • Ok designers. Thanks to everyone for their input. So far Sue has chosen this as her preferred design. "....I'm uncertain about the size of the lettering (?too big) and whether the font is OK. (which is much like my view of the one linked at Photobucket). If we used it as is then a business card would not have my name again as it would already be very prominent. I'd like to see smaller lettering and/or upper/lower case. I'm not sure about colour - either is OK. Probably don't want the paint brush handle to be too fat...." Back to you to make amendments accordingly. Thanks.
  • OOops... I guess I already used up my 3 submissions before the new artwork was submitted. And since none of my stuff has the "needs work", I'm guess I'm out of this one:(
  • Please could the CH confirm the colour we must use in the logo is the one provided in the details section?
  • Adrian, I just want to make sure that you own the design and have the rights to ask designers to base their designs on it.
  • Thanks for designs, however Sue is not impressed by any of them I'm sorry to say. Could somebody please base a design on¤t=SueHornertemp.gif Thanks. Adrian
  • Adrian here. These are great designs. Sue will be looking at them over the weekend. An idea for a design is located at¤t=SueHornertemp.gif If anyone would like to use this as a starting point that would be great. Adrian