Cortijo El Guarda Rural Retreat

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Project description

The logo shoud reflect the tradional atmosphere yet modern feeling that guests will have. Small scale rural atmosphere.

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  • I think we are almost there Morabira, I would like to ask you make the circle the same color as clock tower. Further I would like to use for the text CORTIJO EL GUARDA the font Adobe Garamond semibold, subtitle in Auto 1 regular Soif you can do it, you ll be the winner!
  • hi Morabira, could I ask you once more to have a look at it, after having talked to a few people about the design the common feel was that everybody like the drawing. The text is more an issue; a it to classic may be. Text as used by JJYEPEZ in #9381 with Cortijo El Guarda on one line and a line (without the curl through it) is more in line with our thoughts. We prefer to have 'RURAL RETREAT' the same color as the drawing and 'CORTIJO EL GUARDA' in a bit more stronger black/grey/brownish colour tone. If I am not clear please let me know.
  • tx Amir, color and scheme look good, on the pic: the part of the building on the right hand side of thr tower doesnt excist. Also find the drawing a bit too fat.
  • I seem to prefer text in caps.
  • collor better still have problem with the round text, cheers
  • feels more like ours, as you can imagine after having seen the pics. Tx. Wondering if the drawing isn't a bit big compared to the text? One more try?
  • different indeed. Tx, but as we don't have grapes, just figs and olives, and the wall is a bit like a ruin I find it hard to recognise as ours.
  • feel this is the best revision, like to color and font better, thanks
  • Thanks for the feedback, working on revisions. Best regards, jjy
  • @rinaldidesigns sorry if i have been unclear in my brief, would appreciate another try
  • #9340 I didn't read romantic in the brief, I read retreat,get away from it all, quiet reflection, which, my mark has. I just didn't redraw your buildings, I tried to incorporate a feeling into the mark. I will try to reenter if my time allows. :)
  • like idea, drawing does look quite different from our place
  • agree with peaceful, missing romantic
  • @morabira: had some ore thoughts about it would it be possible to use a slightly lesser rounded font (to compare) and use blue instead of read? Thanks, Hans
  • Thanks Morabira, like the shape of the bell 'tower' in it, don't know about the font you used, may be a bit too curvy for me but will digest. At first glance the first and third work best for me. Will come back tomorrow.
  • @jjy needs work ticked, @ sharie, tx for the upload
  • I uploaded your examples images
  • Excellent, have a nice weekend too. Please remember to mark this entry as "Needs work" in order to allow updating it. Regards, -- jjy
  • oke jjy, have contacted Sergey and await answer, speak soon and enjoy the weekend, loads of snow here......
  • Hello HansL, please contact the administrator to give you further details on providing pictures to all of us, the designers by using your image-uploading options as the Contest Holder. Thank you for the kind and quick response. Best regards, -- jjy