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We are looking for a new logo for our letterhead, business cards, and a possible future website. Our budget is small but we're looking for a versatile logo. Professional and conservative are key in our industry, colors should likely be dark or muted; but obviously we're lawyers, not artists, and we're open to ideas. Our first inclination is that a Lettermark style logo would be most appropriate. The second part of our name, "A Legal Professional Association" can be minimized or made into a tagline. We look forward to your designs; thank you very much in advance for submitting your work!

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  • I resubmitted 2 entries, where are they ? Thanks!
  • one design per entry.
  • -_- fine i get it
  • Hello?
  • Hello ZukiH, If you have time, i have a small request. Before i ask my request - i would like to thank you for noting the problem, with respect of now knowing that the b&w is just black and white :) My request is such: since i am a bit new to this place, is it possible - only once - for me to replace this mistaken upload with a corrected version ( just the small gray area part - please? ) As you might understand any other - i have been wracking an hour on this logo, and i really wanted my final design to be at least seen in the competition. Thank you for your time Sincerely, Latrasis
  • You cannot use gray-scale in b&w area. Only black and white is allowed
  • Wish i could upload some more but, no... :( Although i really liked it without the tagline, it still looks fine 0.o
  • I have one more revision that has the scale of justice in the small box with smaller letters on the CL, but for some reason it won't allow me to upload any more revisions. Sorry!
  • Thank you for the feedback! I will be able to make the requested revisions on Monday. I am currently out of town. I am more than happy to make several concepts to accomplish the feel you are looking for. Again, thank you for the opportunity to work with you. Have a great weekend!
  • Nice job. Please (i) change the font of the firm name to same as "legal professional" and (ii) change the square to the left significantly - need to see several different versions of it - need it cleaner, simpler, remove 2-tone background. Look at 2 higher rated logos for ideas. Make simple, but professional using dark blue font. Thanks
  • please remove the scales (they look like anchors from a distance). Like very much otherwise. Couls I also see one where the square is to the left of the firm name? Thanks
  • Did not use the dc canvas, one variation plus flat color and a black and white version only, please read our rules and download the DC canvas
  • you con not modify the DC canvas please read our rules nal-contests.html
  • you con not modify the DC canvas please read our rules
  • I like it but please complete the letters in the "CL" - they look broken off and remove the scales.
  • like but not as much as the font on the "legal professional" for the other one. Thanks
  • I like #5926 a lot but can you remove the circle on the left AND change the font of the "CL" to something more masculine but modern? Thanks and great job
  • If you could mark my other designs as "Needs Work" so that I may submit revisions. Right now I am unable to upload any other creatives.
  • #5926 is the correct file of this design. Thank you!
  • The colors did not show properly on my entry #5924. If you are interested in the design itself and would like for me to upload properly please mark "needs work". Thank you! Sorry about the mistake!