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Message from the administration: this competition is for the design of the main logo only. Please, submit designs only for Crazy Squirrel Game Store. The winner of this contest will be asked to design the logos for the following modifications of the main logo:
1.Board Games 2.Role Playing Games 3.Collectible Card Games 4. 6-sided dice.

Need main store logo, but one that can also be modified for use throughout the store and different types of products we carry. I'm interested in seeing a mascot-type logo. The logo will be used on the building sign, business cards and black and white in-store signage directing people toward products. In addition, a version of the logo will also be used in ads, primarily online. The overall logo or a version of it will also be used on customized 6-sided dice (for this, think small and simple)

Suggestions -- and I'm very open to other ideas -- include using a stylized squirrel head/paws for the main logo and using a stylized squirrel tail or paws around a symbol from the specific game type (see below).

Try not to go crazy with the "crazy" -- stay away from psychotic looking vermin. One reason this name was chosen was because each person we've polled about a store name smiled at this suggestion and it was one of the few unique game store names we could come up with. The store caters not just to current gamers, but also the non-gamers making purchases for their families and loved ones. Squirrels are common to our city and have a history of antics in our downtown area (we're located in California).

Would like logo version for:

Overall store: Crazy Squirrel Game Store (CSG for short) carries dozens of different games for varied players as well as has a large, open space to play games in. We host organized events several times a week as well as larger annual events (mini gaming convention and an annual auction). If you have a suggestion for font to use for store name in conjunction with your logo, that would be good.

Board Games: These aren't your typical "Monopoly" or "Sorry" games, but rather Euro-games. You can find examples of these types of games at Search for these popular games: "Settlers of Catan," "Puerto Rico," "Carcassone" and "Ticket to Ride." Perhaps the logo difference here includes a generic game piece or a simplistic board design. Stay away from dice because that could be confused with Role Playing Games

Role Playing Games: Think "Dungeons and Dragons" or "Shadowrun." One of the most common symbols among RPGers is a "d20" -- a 20-sided die. Perhaps the logo difference here includes a d20.

Collectible Card Games: CCGs, for short, these took off with "Magic: The Gathering." Each game is played with a deck of specialized cards with the selection done by the player. The logo difference here should include some kind of card.

6-sided dice: Customized 16-mm dice will be created using the logo on what would be the "6" side of each die. This should be line art and can be very detailed.

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  • Thanks! I was trying to bring to light the fun and excitement of euro-style board games. I tried using a meeple, but it looked a little too specific. If you'd like to see any changes, please let me know.
  • Love the use of colors and the "cartoon" feel. I'm going to show this one around some.
  • Wanted to let everyone know that we've been very impressed with the entries.
  • I like it -- I do like this font much better than the original.
  • when i saw the word mascot among ur brief i envisioned a character that can really interact & have different motions . i've tried to give this squirrel a friendly personality. i've chosen a font that is fun & professional for ur business. ready to do any change u need :) thanks alot.
  • Thought I'd left a comment earlier. I Love the sign part of this and squirrel has got quite a personality. I'm letting the squirrel work its way into my head.
  • I like the skill it took to make this, but I don't quite think it's what we're looking for. I'm glad someone tried out a cooler color, but the red/brown squirrels are closer to the concept.
  • I was wondering if it was a flying squirrel. It definitely does have more movement to it now. I like it better.
  • I like this use of font the best so far. The colors are nice. I'd be interested in seeing the design with an acorn instead of a paw print.
  • Hi jenmward :) Thanks alot for ur comments.. about the font i'd just like to get the general spirit of what would u like!! funny..elegant..modern!!!examples if possible. -can u kindly mark my entry as " i like to see revision " so i can upload couple more variety of fonts & styles i have in mind for u :) TY
  • Sorry, this one's just a little too crazy for me. I'm going to show it to some others, though.
  • Love the color and like the style. I like the use of the store's initials. The problem is it looks too much like a pelt or a dead squirrel.
  • This is a little too "country;" looking for something a bit more stylized.
  • I like the highly stylized aesthetic, but I when showing this to others, only about half are getting the "straight jacket" concept.
  • Definitely like the color more. This is one of the designs that gets the most response when I show it to others, but the font is still throwing people off. I know that I'm not a fan of gradients in text. I'll see if I can't find examples of fonts we're more partial to. Still, this is one of the front runners right now.
  • This one's a little too crazy.
  • This is a much more welcoming face and I like it better than the other you submitted. Still like these colors. No one's quite hit on a font -- I'll spend some time really thinking about what I'd like.
  • I understand what you are saying. I have a good idea based on your feedback to modify this to something that fits your preference. My only question is if there are any colors you would like to see included in the logo. Please mark "needs work/revisions" and I will get you something better fitting....
  • I like the colors, but the face is too aggressive. We want the logo to be a more welcoming. I think this is my favorite use of a font so far, though.
  • This is really fun and the face is welcoming. The green eyes are a perfect use of color. Love having the tail as part of the logo -- squirrels are known for their tails. The font feels off to me, but I'm not able to say why. The color it's in is a little too flat or too close to the squirrel color. You could go a little deeper red with the squirrel -- the ones around here are European red squirrels ( Love the acorn accent!