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We are looking for a nice balance between fun & professional. Also, please keep in mind we are a cycling touring company located in the North Georgia mountains! FYI--"Small Ring" is the smallest gear used for climbing in cycling.

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  • Hi I was wondering why I got infraction on this. There alot other designs that had "grey" in there design.Im trying to understand why I got pick out. Thank you.
  • Thanks Resurepus, We have been hitting "I'd like to see a revision" and I have just ranked them! Appreciate your guidance!
  • from the last request for a revision...about adding more detail to the inside of the ring. Thanks!
  • Coy
    I'm going to be gone from tomorrow till Monday AM.. But I've done the changes so far. I'll attempt to log on sometime this weekend if I'm able to, so that I can submit the revision.
  • becshi27, if you want to see a revision, you need to check "I'd like to see a revision" in the feedback form for the respectful entry. Also, could you please, use the slider to give rating points to the entries. Thank you!
  • Coy
    I can make whatever changes you like to your liking. I won't be able to upload it here unless you choose needs revision on my designs. Since I've reached my upload limit. I will work on it now though.
  • Thanks for all your hard effort. We have narrowed it down to your design. We are not sure if we are going to go with logo # 2808 or this design. However if you are willing can you add more detail to the chain ring, maybe less mud. Right now it looks more like a sunrise over the mountains instead of a chainring. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for you patients
  • Coy
    incorrect use of canvas. NO Gray scale in the Black and white section only Black and White.
  • do you feel like it could use something up top? there seems to be a lot of negative space. Thanks
  • can you make the mountains and trees more representative of Appalachians....this is reflecting the Rockies. Also, a small ring generally does not have a lot of teeth as shown here.
  • great. thanks so much. can you double check the spelling of Dahlonega?
  • ti feel as if the ring is way out of proportion with the name, cyclist and mountains. is it possible to also add an accent color?
  • not using the official DC canvas
  • We really like you design, can you design it in a way that its more of a circle or square than rectangle
  • We really like your design, can you incorporate mountains as well
  • Could we see "Dahlonega" in another text? Thanks!
  • I like the biker in this design. Could we see it with less playful lettering and could you please explain the design on the right? Thanks!
  • Could we see this design in more "earthy" colors? Remember we are in the mountains... Thanks!
  • We live in the Appalachians, so a natural mountain like you have is preferred over a stiff peak like the Rockies. However, could we see it a little more subtle (possibly a lighter green or simply an outline)? Also, it is Adventures with an "s". Thanks!
  • Coy
    Thank you for you comment. revision posted. could you rank and mark entries. selecting "I'd like to see a revision" would be appreciated.