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If it is okay, I would really like to clarify here.

The logo should be mainly pink with the idea that it will usually go onto a black background.

It should say Music Box Dance Center and have a ballerina (or any type of dancer, really, since we are teaching all styles of dance) with dragonfly wings (not butterfly wings) coming out of a box with the lid open (not a cardboard box, but more like a jewelry box. I should have been clearer on that). I am thinking of something very simple and geometric as opposed to something complicated and detailed.

The box itself is not so important as the energy and flow the dancer herself creates in the logo. I want something clean and professional, but not stuffy. Energetic, maybe even edgy.

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  • Here is my last propossal
  • Here is my last propossal
  • Hello. I Have uploaded one more option with more dynamic font. Thank You.
  • Here is my last propossal
  • Can you try a different font? This one is good from a distance, but up close it looks shaky.
  • Much better, thank you!
  • A different font might not be a bad idea.
  • Sorry my bad, it will not happen again.
  • Not enough posts. You cant participate in contests.
  • all entries must be presented on official canvas. Only 1 design per entry is allowed
  • Very nice, thank you.
  • This is much better, thank you.
  • The arms look a little odd, I like this one, but if you look at the arms, you can't really tell which arm is which...
  • I like this idea. Can she have double wings?
  • Can the upper body be refined a little? This is a really good revision.
  • Thank you for the horizontal version. This is really nice.
  • I liked the wings on the previous version better, but the placement of the dancer here is much better. (in the top one)
  • but I can see how maybe this font works better with this character.
  • I actually did like the font in the previous one :-)
  • Wow. Nice revision. This definitely has more flow and movement. Her dress makes her look a little, or a lot like the statue of liberty. Can we maybe see some leg? I really love the use of light and shadow, especially on a black background.