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Winning design #4166 by cclark413, Logo Design for Dance Studio Logo Contest
Gold Medal


  • Here is my last propossal
  • Here is my last propossal
  • Hello. I Have uploaded one more option with more dynamic font. Thank You.
  • Here is my last propossal
  • Can you try a different font? This one is good from a distance, but up close it looks shaky.
  • Much better, thank you!
  • A different font might not be a bad idea.
  • Sorry my bad, it will not happen again.
  • Not enough posts. You cant participate in contests.
  • all entries must be presented on official canvas. Only 1 design per entry is allowed
  • Very nice, thank you.
  • This is much better, thank you.
  • The arms look a little odd, I like this one, but if you look at the arms, you can't really tell which arm is which...
  • I like this idea. Can she have double wings?
  • Can the upper body be refined a little? This is a really good revision.
  • Thank you for the horizontal version. This is really nice.
  • I liked the wings on the previous version better, but the placement of the dancer here is much better. (in the top one)
  • but I can see how maybe this font works better with this character.
  • I actually did like the font in the previous one :-)
  • Wow. Nice revision. This definitely has more flow and movement. Her dress makes her look a little, or a lot like the statue of liberty. Can we maybe see some leg? I really love the use of light and shadow, especially on a black background.