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The current logo for bodyworks day spa and salon was designed in the 80s. I am looking for something much cleaner, more modern or timeless. Ideas to implement: try lowercase lettering, words in the foreground & background, or use of letters. I realize there are a lot of words to organize and am excited to see how this logo can be creatively depicted. The logo should embody spa, relaxation, massage, weddings, fashion. Feel free to use black as one of your colors if you feel inspired. Look at the logos on in the right hand column to see images of businesses that I affiliate with. Thank you in advance for your entries!

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  • Imagery? Be more specific, please.
  • This logo is modern, but the visual imagery looks too random.
  • This logo has a nice flow to it, but its a little too holistic. I'm looking for something more modern and with more sex appeal.
  • The colors are nice but the imagery does not flow with the logo
  • yin yang isn't quote moving in the right direction
  • how about spacing out body works so that is two words. Also, can we use the leaf from the other logo? The leaf looks like a butterfly on the non color design. ALso, lets start changing colors-- try black and a green that is bright olive or seafoam. Also, we could look at gray, black & light blue as an alternate. Can Day Spa and salon be bigger? Can the "K" be extended to have a tail to match the "y" and fit day spa and salon between the tails?
  • Something weird happened while uploading, so this entry can be deleted.
  • While I don't like the pinwheel, I like the use of imagery. Is there anything else that can be done?
  • This one is a bit too fancy
  • The letter are simplistic and nice, but I am not a fan of the flowers. Is there anything else visual that can be added?
  • The body is not moving in the right direction.
  • Thank you for your entry. This feels a little more like a logo for a workout company and is not portraying the feel of a day spa. Try using lowercase letters, something more modern, or maybe words in the foreground & background.
  • I like the use of lowercase letters-- the current logo is lowercase too (but looks 80s). This logo is moving in the right direction, but quite there.
  • Can you show a negative of the black and white? I like the readability of day spa and salon on this one.
  • Can you keep working on this logo? Make day spa and salon more legible? Look at some other color options on this one. Hunter/dark grass green & purple?
  • Let's go back to the lowercase. Stay away from gold. My mom actually wants to see: 1) purple and green if that is possible. (hunter green with lilac or 2) eggplant with "grass" green) 3) Can "day spa and salon" be a little bit taller? 4) can we put a space between "body" and "works"
  • The balance on this is much better with the leaves on the left. 1-body works should be two words (this is my error, I am posting this for my mom's company) 2- Can we keep exploring some other green options like hunter? (We're almost there!!! Thank you)
  • Could I see an olive with the brown? Also, maybe move the leaf to the left side and make the day spa & salon a little bigger or more bold
  • Two color options: 1) brown and olive 2) brown and burnt orange (Change leaf to look like the other leaf to the left option) Thanks! I'm looking forward to your post.
  • I also like this logo. Can you add the leaf to this one without the circle? I'm looking for bold colors.. Can the orange be used that is in the picture?