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The logo needs to be modern in design and reflect the technological nature of the business. I would prefer the colors to include blue but not specifically the blue selected and not too many colors however i am open to any suggestions.

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  • Changes done in #8930 ;)
  • or even make the "digital" font a bit thicker
  • I think we may have a winner with your design but i need u to go back to the sharp edged house and balance the "digital home" The balance on 8519 was good but the home wouldnt stand out on white. Maybe just go a little lighter for the "home" than on this one and or make the font less thick on it.
  • I like the button concept
  • all entries must be presented on official canvas.
  • you cannot use gray-scale in b&w area. Only pure black and white is allowed. No gradients either. thanks
  • Creative use of the dh but not eye catching enough
  • yeah, as i said, realised that. But do you like the concept? Should I continue with the concept?
  • Unfortunately you got the business name wrong
  • haha i noticed now, that i forgot to add solutions. But give me some feedback if i'm on the right way?
  • Thanks but its not clear enough, too hard to make out
  • Thanks, the lettering is ok but the actual logo is too complex and not clear enough
  • Hello, this is my first entry. Hope you like it. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  • Looks good, great entries so far, thanks.
  • Happy with that, thanks
  • Texture of lettering is quite nice
  • I think i like that the original looks more chrome but the darker stands out more. If you can compromise at all would be good but still happy with both
  • I really like this, even though its different from what i was expecting. Instead of the black version can u darken up the home solutions so it would stand out a little more on a white background
  • I like this alot, different from what i was expecting but very good.
  • Not really what i'm looking for