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THANK-YOU for participating in our contest!!!

Congratulations to Morabira (1st), Muzzha (2nd), and Nico (3rd)! Special mention to ZukiH, GoldenZ, Marcovich, and LibbyElliott for great designs!

There were MANY designs worthy of winning, and a LOT of effort put into this contest. We sincerely appreciate all of your work that was invested in this contest. As a token of our appreciation, our Marketing team would like to reward all designers who participated in this contest with a free Envicard design (value $2.50 USD) to sell in our online card store, which is opening soon. Whenever a copy of your card design sells, you will earn a 20% commission on each sale.

Please e-mail us at support@envicards.com to claim your prize!

In your e-mail message, please reference the Envicards logo contest at Designcontest.net, your designcontest userID, and a preferred userID for Envicards to use.

We look forward to seeing your work again in the near future. On behalf of the entire team at Envicards, we would like to extend a huge THANK-YOU!!!


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  • Sorry, I will need to capitalize the C in Card.
  • Definitely a step in the right direction! A great use of cards to creatively portray a tree. Please experiment with the cards for an improved look - maybe a tiny bit of flex to the cards to add character, maybe cards that are shown from different angles (as a whole, or each card from a different angle), etc. I'm not sure what will do it to add character and volume to this design, but this is a great foundation. What I really like about this design is that it ONLY uses cards to portray the tree! However, it needs work. Don't be afraid to reposition the tree symbol somewhere else (perhaps to the left of Envicards) - you will have as many entries as you like. As for the font: please try using small caps for lowercase letters, and a green that has slightly less yellow. Well done! Looking forward to seeing your next designs. Also, don't be afraid to try new symbols altogether - you have a great knack for creativity. Thank-you!
  • This one is really nice. See feedback above (#7725) on capturing the creativity element. Don't be afraid to experiment - you'll have as many entries as you like. Good job though on this entry - this has a great look (great font, balanced symbol, nice color, depth, etc.). It is one of the best submissions so far. Well done!
  • Hi Muzzha - a really nice look to the card in the background. However, the tree is a bit cartoon-like - not quite professional enough. Can you please try another creative concept - a completely new symbol from scratch (of course, using the same font)? I really like your style. We are looking for something creative that uses cards to represent the environment. You have talent, and I'd really like to see what else you come up with. Look forward to your designs! Thank-you!
  • A reasonable effort in incorporating an environmental logo. Good font choice. However, we are looking for something more creative in terms of a symbol. Thanks for submitting!
  • Thanks for submitting! A little too cartoon-like for our liking. Looking for something creative, and professional. Thanks!
  • Thank-you for submitting - not really what we're looking for in terms of creativity. Text is nice, but needs a new, clever symbol.
  • Very creative! This is the TYPE of thinking that we're looking for. (Similar to #7681 - thinking outside the box) I've awarded bonus points for creativity in the rating - and will continue to do so. This design needs a lot of work to be professional and clean, but the underlying creativity is there. Perhaps use straight cards (with harder edges - not so floppy) to form a tree, and use less than 4 cards in in a stacked arrangement to show a tree. ^ ^ ^ Needs a lot of modification (color font, layout, etc), but there is a lot of untapped value in the symbol. I encourage all designers to think along creative lines to represent trees or the environment using cards. (I will post feedback on new designs that warrant feedback in 24 hours) Thank-you!
  • This is CREATIVE - EXACTLY the TYPE of innovative thinking we're looking for! It doesn't have the right look, but that is easily fixed - the creative bit is the hard part - that's why it has a high rating. BONUS points for creativity! The overall look is a little off (I think it's safe to stick with shades of green, and not blue), and also stay away from having words in a circular logo. Font is reasonably professional. Please try other creative concepts too - example: instead of making a flower from the cards, maybe try using cards to represent a tree, or some other symbol. This is DEFINITELY the right TYPE of thinking - using something simple (cards) to express something ELEGANT (sustainability)! Right direction, but needs a layout change, and some other creative ideas around the symbol aspect. Well done on the creative aspects - thank-you!
  • This has a GREAT look (good gloss, and is almost a living 'character'). The font needs some work to be more professional, and the symbol needs to be more creative, but still come alive! Playing around with just the card part of the symbol can be used in some really creative ways - perhaps making a butterfly with that card shape (or 2 cards on top of each other), or a dragonfly, or a tree, or??? I think this has a LOT of potential. It just needs some more creativity. The two posts above will also help guide you. Thank-you!
  • Stunning font - very professional! This is a slight improvement over your last submission (#7647), however, we're looking for something very creative to incorporate cards into an environmental symbol. See feedback on other symbols in high ranking positions (rating: 52+) for more feedback on the 'creative' element. I hope this helps - Thank-you!
  • This is a slight improvement over your last submission (#7697) (the letters on the cards didn't add value); perhaps try other creative concepts. Thank-you!
  • I like the creativity - keep on brainstorming creative new concepts! See other feedback. Thanks!
  • Good font. Still looking for more creativity in the symbol to make more innovative use of the cards. Thank-you!
  • Definitely an improvement over your last submission (#7669), because it's more creative. A step in the right direction (but I'm still looking for a very clever symbol that stands out as an innovative connection between the Environment and cards).
  • This is a big improvement over your last font. However, the card symbol needs more creativity. Thanks!
  • I appreciate the effort in creatively combining elements. However, the font should be stand-alone. Dropping a tree in the middle muddles the word. Good effort though in creating a tree (although the tree has too many cards). Thanks!
  • Hi there. Your first two submissions were much better - they had more volume (gloss & sheen), but need more creativity to connect cards to sustainability. This is a step in the wrong direction, but I still like your other submissions. Suggest a more creative approach that combines your gloss with a creative representation of sustainability. Hope this feedback helps!
  • Your first submission was closer to the mark - suggest a brand new, creative concept. Thanks!
  • Wrong direction. Needs more creativity, more professionalism, and softer colors. Maybe try a new, creative concept. Thanks for submitting!