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Project description

the logo will consisit of two part.
1. Symbol in cursive writing EC we want the EC to join.
Possily make it out of a 'POINTED TROWEL', this tool is used to scread contrete. Possibly have the trowel at the end of the C. Possibly a ferrari read colour.

2. ESSENDON CONTRETING. in bold black font

would love to see any other concepts you guys come up with aswell.

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  • nhr
    Thank you for the feedback. To be honest, I understand this "clever C" as your request :) More realistic version is here.
  • clever with the C. can we make this more realistic?
  • correct direction. elegant. i think it need a little work
  • EC on the right path as per brief. a little too playful/cartoonie.
  • very creative. good work
  • love it. not exactly what the client was looking for however they might take this up.
  • Guys i want to see a few more options with the cursive EC. Client wants something in between sharie (#3564) and Designer House Logo found here thanks
  • Hi Guys, sorry typo its actually "ESSENDON CONCRETING" we will have to ask the winner to ammend this for us. thanks
  • can we try using a darker red with a very slight gradient?
  • i feel the EC isnt complete. what do you think? how can we improve it? sorry im not being very specific. is it possiblty to make the black a little bigger?
  • Hi, My Client really likes your direction. they would like to see some more revision. some comments they made. 1. the red is a little dark. Can you make a option with thicker font on the EC. once i see this ill make another comment. thanks