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I would like a logo that is simple, professional/corporate, clean. I would like, if possible, some type of abstract logo or some interesting use of the words although I have no ideas myself so I am open to that. I like circles and smoothness and symmetry. I don't like edges or angles.
In terms of color I like blues and grays but I would also like it some contrast in the colours so that it stands out.
One more thing, please don't use an ampersand for the 'at'. I think it would get confusing.

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  • Good use of the letters E and S. Looks a little ecclesiastical.
  • sophisticated, neat and corporate feel logo and ES logo mark which great for seal, stamp, icon, etc. Hope you are pleased. Thanks!
  • Interesting logo, not quite sure about it. Have a read of the comments I have made for other designs. More uniformity in the colours would help. see what I've written previously about logos. Thanks
  • Yes, that's good. One more small thing. You created a more magnified effect in 3522 for the "at". Can you do that here too? Thanks
  • Thanks for the changes but can you go back to 3522 in terms of colours. Remove the tick mark but leave the "at" magnified and the turquoise dot on the "i". No line underneath. No red. Thanks again.
  • This is on the right track. Good use of colour but I don't like the font. Something more corporate/professional? thanks
  • Don't think my comments are always getting published so I'll do it again. First of all the logo needs to be inverted, the straight line or arrow at the top and the longest column on the left, descending in length. That's was a good sales pipeline looks like. Hope that makes sense. Also, too much colour going on. Keep the text to the darker blue and keep the "at" in a straight line.
  • The text seems to work but the logo needs work. Please see the comments I have posted to other designers. Thanks
  • Yes, what I meant was to go back to 3504 and change the colour of the line to red and point the arrow in the other direction, going to the right.
  • hi Mary. i've submitted a new entry . different concept. just need to be clear about the revision of other design! u need me to edit the 1st attempt change arrow direction & make the arrow red & don't work with 2nd one??
  • Hi MaryR . so u need me to go back to #3504 & work on it?? or add the arrow part to the new one #3522 ?
  • By the way, it's Excel at Selling!
  • Looks like 3 different fonts. Don't like the dollar symbol. We use Euros mostly. Needs to look more corporate, more professional. Thanks
  • Hey there. I'd prefer to see the words all on one line. And I'd like to introduce the colour red into some element of the design. Thanks
  • How about looking at symbols associated with sales? Check out Sales Pipelines or Sales Dashboards on the net. Also, I think it needs one more vibrant colour. I'm thinking red. Also needs different font. Thanks
  • Font needs to be more professional. I like the X in Excel. Maybe you could work on developing that. How about making it red and changing the font? Ta
  • Better use of colour. Now I am thinking of the original line and arrow from the 1st attempt. Try pointing the arrow in the other direction and changing the colour to red. I think my all the designs need an extra dash of colour.
  • Thanks for submitting an entry. Not sure about the logo or the use of colour, one for each word. needs to be a bit more subtle. ta
  • Ty, this is a good start. I like the concept of the "at" under a magnifying glass but not so sure about the arrow underneath. Perhaps you could work a bit more on that. Also would like to see more vibrancy with the colours. More turquoise perhaps. Thanks
  • My first entry, Hope you like it