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I would like three figures (of an athlete) stacked upon one another with a little space in between. They are all silhouettes. The first figure (bottom) shows the athlete during the initial phase (called the 1st pull by weightlifting coaches) of the snatch lift. In the next figure, the athlete is shown at the top position of the 2nd pull

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  • hi aset, try checking the link for the volleyball, coz it has SPACE between the word in the link "sports". Here's the link which I've reconstructed. Hope it helps. http://www.stanfordalumni.org/news/magazine/2009/julaug/farm/sports/volleyball.html
  • Hello Eric B, the link to the volleyball pic doesn't work mate.
  • Middle figure needs to be 2nd pull in snatch. You have a back squat. Also can you flip all the figures to be facing the other way?
  • Yes that's better....now you just need to turn the bottom figure around so all are facing the same direction. Also, the word "Strength" is misspelled.
  • Hello All, To all the great designers who have been working on my project…. First off, I’m very impressed with everyone’s work. This contest is going to come down to whoever can bring the figures to life. While the lettering is very important to me, But it is the figures will do the most to tell the story about what my business is and what I am all about. As we move into the 2nd half of this contest, I just wanted to make a few comments. One mistake I keep seeing is in the weightlifting figures. I specifically want there to be two figures shown performing specific portions of the snatch lift. In the snatch, the lifter takes a very wide grip on the barbell. The initial phase of the lift (taking the barbell from the ground and lifting it to the knee) is called “the first pull” and is performed rather slowly. Once the barbell is around knee height, a short transition takes place to allow the lifter’s torso to assume a more vertical position which sets up what is known as “the 2nd pull”. The first figure in my design should be of the lifter at the middle of the 1st pull with the barbell close to knee height. The bottom picture on the web site below is a great example of the 1st pull: http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/200605/29/eng20060529_269325.html Here is another: http://www.chinasportsbeat.com/2009/11/chinese-win-mens-56kg-weightlifting.html See “image 6 of 7” on this web site for a great example of a female during the 1st pull in the snatch: http://www.rd.com/content/printContent.do?contentId=95208&KeepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=500&width=790&modal=true The 2nd figure should be showing the lifter at the very end/top of the 2nd pull. This figure is very important. This is the portion of the lift where all the important stuff happens! This is the figure I need EMPHASIZED in my logo. The explosive phases of the Olympic lifts have been measured and produce the highest power outputs (watts) of any human activity. It is an extremely violent, tremendously explosive movement. Take a look at this youtube video and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5yifpd3RBQ Watch Dmitry Klokov’s emotion after completing a successful lift and you get an idea for the emotion I’m trying to convey with my design: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_25qHxs2b8 Here are some examples of the top/end of the 2nd pull which is what I want for the 2nd figure in my design: I LOVE this one of Taner Sagir. It’s way down at the bottom of this page – third row from bottom on the right (let me know if you have trouble finding it): http://users.telenet.be/tom.goegebuer/Gallery_EC08.html Also see the middle frame of the 3-picture sequence in the picture at the top of this web page: http://5bcrossfit.com/?m=201004&paged=6 Whoever can convey the intensity, emotion and power that is the essence of t his lift WILL WIN THIS CONTEST! Finally, the volleyball athlete at the end is very important too. Here is a volleyball shot that I really love. I’d love to see if any of you can reproduce this shot. Check it out at: http://www.stanfordalumni.org/news/magazine/2009/julaug/farm/sports/volleyball.html Thank you, Eric B P.S. I want to see some different colors. I love black T-shirts so I really want at least one color scheme that is going to look good against an all black background.
  • did not use the DC canvas
  • all entries must be presented on official canvas.
  • I hope I've succeeded to find the right movement.
  • did not use official DC canvas
  • I'm not sure I like the stars too much. Again, squatter needs to be replaced with top of 2nd pull during the snatch. Also, I'm looking for sort of a progression that starts with the snatch 1st pull, which you have on the far right star and leads up to the "finale" which is the volleyball player. I want to show how the lifting transfers to volleyball performance.
  • Clean looking design but the first two figures need a lot of work. Ideally I'd like to see more of a 45 degree angle of the lifting figures and they should look like the first two frames of the athlete picured at the top of this web page: http://crossfitgeneration.typepad.com/cfgen/2010/05/be-aggressive-pull-yourself-with-great-speed-under-the-bar-and-junk-yard-dog-that-thing.html
  • Figures are not very "sharp". 2nd figure is doing a jerk and I'd like the 2nd pull in the snatch. Should look like 2nd frame of athlete pictured at this web site: http://crossfitgeneration.typepad.com/cfgen/2010/05/be-aggressive-pull-yourself-with-great-speed-under-the-bar-and-junk-yard-dog-that-thing.html I think I'd like to see a different background and lettering too.
  • 2nd figure is of a jerk. Should be the top pull in the snatch. See middle figure at the top of this web page for a good example: http://crossfitgeneration.typepad.com/cfgen/2010/05/be-aggressive-pull-yourself-with-great-speed-under-the-bar-and-junk-yard-dog-that-thing.html
  • I like the lettering but the figures don't really stand out. The one figure is doing a squat and it should be a snatch 2nd pull. See middle fram of the athlete at the top of this web page for a good example: http://crossfitgeneration.typepad.com/cfgen/2010/05/be-aggressive-pull-yourself-with-great-speed-under-the-bar-and-junk-yard-dog-that-thing.html
  • The lettering is interesting. Deciding whether I like the figures overlapping. 2nd lifter is not using good lifting technique. See middle frame of the athlete pictured at the top of this web page: http://crossfitgeneration.typepad.com/cfgen/2010/05/be-aggressive-pull-yourself-with-great-speed-under-the-bar-and-junk-yard-dog-that-thing.html
  • Not bad. The 2nd image is not a snatch 2nd pull but a clean 2nd pull. I'd like it to be a snatch 2nd pull to match the 1st image. The lettering is interesting.
  • Hi Eric B, I made it with a less robust coloring. I hope you like it. Colors can be changed anytime if the form is ok. Waiting for your comments.
  • You cant use gray-scale in b&w area. Only black and white is allowed.
  • Maybe try different colors too.
  • Maybe try some different colors too.