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This logo will be used in print advertising, site signage, off site signage, point of sale signage, newspapers, magazines, web site. The target market is 55 to 75 year old empty nesters (kids gone) home buyers looking to down size their homes. Retirement oriented but still active and independent. " Garden Homes" ( townhouses) This is to appeal to adults without children at home.

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  • clearyhomes click the talk bubble next to the x on the entry, you will then have an option to mark the box for I'd like to see a revision or the box "wrong direction" you can also leave feedback as to what revisions you would like to see. Another note here....if you mark the box wrong direction it will make that entry eliminated. The last thing you can do with these options is move the slide bar to what percentage you feel the design is to what you are wanting, after you have done this hit the word submit and go to the next entry
  • not sure how to put this into needs work?
  • ClearyHomes, Could you put #1678 into Needs Work Status so I can correct an Error, I have the correction ready to upload but do not want to waste an entry. Thank You in advance
  • This is not for Cleary Homes !!!! It is for FairView Gardens !!!! Please read my posting carefully
  • All - the logo name should be "FairView Gardens" Please read the design brief and the comments more carefully!
  • Thank you for reading my needs. The site is very flat.....actually an old country fair grounds in the centre of the city. The idea of gardens predicts future home gardens on the front yards of the new townhomes. Love your logo and would use it in a heart beat elsewhere. Please stay in the comp here.
  • P L E A S E R E A D M Y P O S T I N G C L O S E R
  • The logo is for "FairView Gardens" It is a new home community logo I need Cleary homes has a logo you can see at clearyhomes.com
  • Is it Cleary Homes or FairView Gardens?
  • we have exceeded storage limits on the server (that's why there were problems with uploads). we have done some cleaning and everything should work just fine now.
  • Coy
    it appears that everyone is haveing upload problems today and we are trying to get to the bottom of it now. Just wanted to give you this heads up as to why there has been no revisions posted yet.
  • I'm sorry this is my first time. I apologize
  • This is rather frustrating. This was merely a color change for an existing concept. I asked the CP to allow me to modify the color. According to the forum, I am still allowed to offer the b/w and flat. Correct? Nothing changed with the form of the logo.
  • Coy
    PLease read one concept per submission in the announcement area in the forum.. NO GRAY SCALE unless it's the main image.
  • Coy
    PLease read one concept per submission in the announcement area in the forum
  • Coy
    PLease read one concept per submission in the announcement area in the forum
  • Coy
    ATTENTION ALL DESIGNERS. PLEASE READ THIS IN THE FORUM. http://www.designcontest.net/forum/announcements/15095-one-submission-per-entry-2.html#post125954 I'm tired of deleting entries that are NOT following the RULES. And I'm sure the CH would like to be able to see some of the great designs instead of seeing one then it being gone.
  • Coy
    one one concept per submission. This means the concept you like the best in this case either the black or brown background. Then just flat colors and a black and white only. not gray scale just black and white. If you would like further explanation PM me.
  • Coy
    One concept per post. That concept can be show in full color including gradiants and web 2.o effects, then a flat color and a black and white. not gray scale but black and white only. Look through the Elite Designers submissions this is the format that should be used. PM me, Sharie, Illumina or Brandyarnold with any questions
  • Coy
    One image concept per post. even though your post is the same concept it's present in three different ways. You can only post one you really like and if it has gradiants and all then you can post a flat color (no web 2.0, gradiants and so on) and a black and white only. no gray scale just black and white. PM me if you have any questions.