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We are looking for a logo to be used on a website as well as on our print materials, such a business cards, letterhead paper, etc. We prefer simple and clean designs and fonts. (For example, I usually use Arial or Tahoma in my documents.) I had in mind something involving binoculars and a outline of a house. Other images relating to "focus", such as a telescope could work.

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  • This one's a contender.
  • I like the binoculars better & I prefer the writing on the right. Can you play around with the house a bit? I don't know how to describe it but it looks a bit weak to me.
  • It's a toss-up between this colour combo and the original.
  • I prefer the other 2 colour combinations.
  • I prefer the other two.
  • I quite like this! Could you show me a couple of different colour combinations? Perhaps a warm colour palette.
  • I like the concept. I think the binoculars could be mistaken for spectacles though. I prefer the lettering used in #882.
  • Thanks for working with me. I like the binoculars. I prefer the lettering used in #882. I had been thinking of a line drawing rather than a silouette for the house, but I don't know whether that would work with this design. And although I requested burgundy, I'm not all that crazy about the colour, now that I see it. Thanks!
  • I'd like the main elements of any design to be "in focus". Anyone want to give a try at a design including binoculars and a line drawing of a house?? Thanks
  • I'm liking this. Could I see this in a couple of different colours, perhaps (1)a bit more brownish, or (2)burgundy for the main color. Thanks
  • Wrong Direction I'd prefer the image to be in focus, rather than out of focus.