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Project description

This is a new company for which a logo is required. Something appealing to all ages, something that will be on business cards too. I would like the logo not to be too fussy, something clean and easy to read as well as easy to recognise as a 'brand' in the future.

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  • Coy
    concept is to close to http://images.bimedia.net/images/hl.wrgb.hearforyou_logo.jpg
  • Do you think you could use the same 'ear' sign as the 'e' in Hear?
  • i like the idea,
  • Really like this, thanks!!
  • Please remove this design!
  • these are two different designs in one entry. We only allow 1 design per entry. We like to keep things clean and well organize the presented indeas.
  • like the use of the 'e'
  • well .. colors are adaptable ..
  • :) understanding .. !!
  • If you don't like this one, could you be kind and change it's status to "needs work" ?
  • not so keen on this, but many thanks
  • love the first two colours, not so keen on the colour of 'are' but nice otherwise, thankyou
  • REALLY like the 'e' can we try another colour? dark green/grey like in the design below?
  • i like this but not the sound waves at the beginning and end of Hear You Are
  • If you don't like this one, could you be kind and change it's status to "needs work" ?
  • sorry, i find this too busy, i liked the colours though
  • i quite like this idea, i prefer the white background to the other, thankyou
  • can we try this without the butterflies?
  • Really like this one!
  • i really like the simplicity of this design, i also like nyour other design, thank you for this