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The logo must generate confidence, hope, strength to prospective patients. The look needs to be there for the website, for the letterhead, car wrap, etc. The Liberation treatment produces immediate dramatic improvement for MS patients with Remitting Relapsing MS. Not as effective with other types of MS. My wife Ruth had it done and her life changed dramatically for the better. Because CCSVI is a new disease, treatment for it is experimental and needs a clinical trial to provide the legal framework. The treatment is medically simple. Blocked jugular and azygous veins are opened up by angioplasty. This is not some sort of hokey cure. Major medical institutions are participating in the trial. Huge shift in MS treatment -- initial indications, subject to further testing are that MS is a cardio vascular disease rather then a neurological one.

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  • Can you develop this further? The site needs to appeal to doctors to join clinical trials testing for how the blood drains from the brain into the heart to treat Chronic Cerebro Spinal Insufficiency (blocked jugular and azygous veins). Steven
  • I am happy to revise my entry as you requested. Please select the "Needs Work" option so that I can upload a revision. Thank you!
  • I like the stylistic approach, as well as the hope generated, but it needs to be more abstract. Steven
  • Any feedback, please? Thanks. H.
  • Can you tie it together better?
  • I like the stylistic modern type, the logo is rather meaningless and hangs to the side rather then tying the design together.
  • I like the ballon catheter idea, but it is not clear enough. You are on the right track though -- the long probe, the ballon, the veins, blood flow, restoring the circulation system are all components. More moderns stylistic type would be nice too. Steven
  • I do not like this either. Here are logos to look at
  • I do not like this.
  • Too primitive. see logos here
  • Thanks for the feedback, Steven! I will post a revision soon.
  • Coy
    "Explain the symbolism please." What I was thinking when I made it. Sunrising-giving hope=orange/red lines and brighter color on the green orb. around the earth-strength=green orb. also the motion that the line represent prospective doctors/patients.
  • Coy
    Simonyigindele please use the options for each design. "needs work" "elimate(?)" "ok". this and feedback will help us get a logo you'll really want. Thanks.
  • Explain the symbolism please.
  • Brandy, We are recruiting doctors to participate in the clinical trials (not patients). Trial means it is unbiased. Reaching for the stars while unique, worries me that it might imply bias as to the outcome. Steven
  • Working on some ideas. Quite a challenge! Regards.
  • Coy
    fyi to all/new designers -
  • Coy
    working on ideas now. :D
  • Great! Thanks for clarifying... Looking forward to posting some designs!
  • the company name is CCSVI Clinical Trials Inc.