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I am looking for a logo that signifies Fire.. that's why I picked red, orange, yellow. I also would like a log that will can be used on a new web page that is being developed by (this company actually used this forum to design their logo). I am open to other colors or shades.

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  • I still think the flame to the right is too wide.. the center smaller flame got lost on this one. the flame to the left is perfect. Also did you get my coments on outlining each letter with a boarder? Maybe just the larger text / first line only ??
  • I think the two outside flames are too wide at the top.. The almost look like ghost..
  • I think the two outside flames are too wide at the top.. The alsome look like goasts...
  • Flame too wide..
  • do not like the bell
  • This is really looking good!! I would like to fine tune the shield by making the top lick of flame just a little thinner. Also what do you think of putting a slight border on the font maybe a gold on the Hudson Valley and a red on the Fire Equipment Sales LLC ?? On the black backround you really cant see how the top line of text fades from an orange to red, should that be more defined? We are just about there !!
  • I like the sheild with the flames but I think the two thicker flames need to be thinner. Can you also add a dash betwwen Sales & LLC and remove the period ..This is really close...
  • I like the sheild with the flames but Ithink the two thicker flames need to be thinner. Also can you make the second line of font a few shades darker or thicker. I think it is not visable... This is really close...
  • is there any way you can match the font that is in sample #9676. I like the accents on edges of the font.
  • here you go sorry..
  • Hi, scurro, if you want any other changes can you make "would like revision" cause i can't upload any works...thanks
  • could you also make to two outside flames a little thinner? Not too much though..
  • Looks gook .. I like it.. Please remove the period between Sales and LLC and place in a dash. What do you think of making the second line of text another color other than black?
  • Could you drop in a flat color to compare it to the black & white also ???
  • I'm really like this one! Could you add "LLC" to the end of the second line of text..
  • Looking good I like the font used by muzzha # 9665
  • I like the text layout .. do not like the flame
  • Not crazy about the font, but I like the layout.
  • could you add a third lick of flame? Also the second line of text " fire Equipment sales" could that be in a orane
  • Dear CH, please use the slide rating bar. This will show designers which entries are more what you are looking for and which ones are sort on the wrong track. Thank you