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We are looking for a logo that will allow us to stand out from other providers. Something that instantly captures a potential customers attention. We would like to see the following text in the logo: Company Name followed by a motto "Leave Everything To Us"

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  • awc
    Can you also give me a concept with hands inside.
  • awc
    dont like the tie on the guy.. lets try a different color than red.. and maybe we can make the Leave Everything To Us the color black.
  • awc
    can we try a different type of house image.. something that looks hand drawn rather than squareish.. can you also add some features to the people graphics..
  • awc
    id like something else in the middle instead of a star.. maybe a heart.. Can we also somehow make the company name a bit more prominent (stand out more) in the logo.
  • sure! :)
  • awc
    Can you add a house in the middle instead of the heart.
  • dear, aws, I would like to let you know that we have updated the feedback system. You can read more about it here:
  • awc
    Can we add a few characteristics to the faces to make the people image look more alive
  • awc
    Glyphica can we add some characteristics to the people to give them a bit of personality... Can we also change the orange to another color.
  • awc
    absolutely guys.. I agree.. Here are just some logos that i've picked from existing/recent contests.. I especially like the colors being used in these different types of logo's.
  • I agree with Glyphica - if you could provide some examples of logos you like, we might get a better idea. I think perhaps we all have different views on what a "professional logo" could mean. We want to make sure we're all on the same page. thanks josh
  • awc, Maybe you can give us some links to logos that you like the style of, or post some examples, to give us a better idea of what you are looking for in your new logo. Thanks :) Stephanie
  • awc
    Designers.... feel free to use different type fonts as if we were any other company (technology, retail, etc..) I'd like to see a broader range of concepts, feel free to get creative and dont hold back.. All submissions are welcome. There are many designers here who have submitted great looking professional logos on other contests... id like to see some of that creativity here :-)
  • awc
    Style isnt consistent with what we're looking for. Take a look at the logos that arent eliminated and see if you could come up with a fresh concept.
  • awc
    Lets stick with the other concept.. Maybe you can add some characteristics to the heads and body to make them look a bit more realistic or alive.
  • awc
    BrandyArnold, In my reply 10 it was a reply for jjyepez for submission # 1474
  • awc
    Hi, I am liking the concept more now seeing your changes. Can you give another concept instead of the heart in the middle.. maybe hands or another object.
  • awc
    Glyphica, i'm saying I dont care for the color of the woman in the logo, I also would like to see a better looking house that is somehow made to be less of the focal point. I like web 2.0 colors so something a bit more bright would work I think.
  • I apologize for the double submission - something weird happend when I uploaded. I'm also not sure why it's so fuzzy looking. The actual file is very sharp/crisp. Thanks! josh
  • AWC, Regarding post #1485, If you would like me to make more revisions, you need to mark the entry needs work. Also, just to clarify, are saying you don't care for the color of the woman, or that you don't want a woman figure in the logo? Thanks, Stephanie