Lake Travis Eye and Laser Center

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I prefer simple and clean designs. Needs to be appropriate for business cards, website, mugs, T-shirts, stationary, etc. Eye care related, but up for designers' ideas.

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  • looks great. last thing would be to make the y look like it does in 4685 and 4667. not sure if it actually is the same or if the font changed a bit. getting most of the votes so far. thanks
  • this one looks really great. i light the blue variation in the water. can you darken the brown like in 34667?
  • really great. i love the color version. the team has asked to put the same logo with bolder lettering for Lake Travis Eye like in #4667. the only concern i have is the appearance in black and white isn't quite as good as the color. maybe i will just have to pay for color stationary
  • cool, but not quite what i am looking for.
  • I like your other one better as well. this is going to be tough choice.
  • excellent. this is going to be a tough choice. only changes would be to capitalize the letters "LASER CENTER". thanks
  • i like the blue waves. i do not like the brown streak, the sun, or the yellow background. thanks
  • i still like the waves, but i do not like the upper portion - the sun and the box. thank you
  • I still like the eyeball in the center, but I do not like the surrounding rays. Thank you.
  • Diggin it. Will show to team today. Can't think of anything else.
  • Nice. Can you use brown for the Lake Travis Eye lettering? And try to just use brown for an eye shape without the "blocks" above and below the eye? thanks
  • i like the idea, but not what i am looking for
  • i like the symbol, but it is just a little too unusual for me
  • Thanks for all the feedback. Can you mark needs work on this design too so I can submit a revision! Thanks!
  • thank you for revisions. you were right, the team here actually likes the height level in #4662 better. however, we like the font on this new one better. and a few more minor revisions (maybe): enlarge the central pupil a bit and add the little white reflection mark again like in #4538. thanks again
  • please present in black and white as well!
  • I still like the two blue waves below. I do not like the shape of the eyebrow. I do not like the target appearance to the eye - the white ring around the pupil and the gradual change in blue in the surrounding iris. Please try something different! thanks
  • revisions coming right up
  • This is much improved. Can you enlarge the central blue circle (the pupil) just a bit? And lower the entire design in the box slightly. By that, I mean to see more of the orange rays above, and less of the blue below - basically, just shift the entire design down a bit inside the box. And try to thin the font on the lettering just a bit as well. thank you
  • I like the lower left one - with the white instead of orange background. Please change the orange sun with yellow ring around it to just an orange setting sun (like some of previous designs with sun partially setting).