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I am envisioning the logo to be a wordmark style of logo, but am open to other ideas. A pictorial design in addition to the wordmark is very welcome also. I do not want the logo to be too artsy, too retro, (a little might be ok, just not over the top) or in a script font. I prefer more clean and modern, but still conservative. This product will be marketed to both men and women, so the logo should not lean too far towards masculine or feminine.


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  • Hey longhorn! Thanks for the feedback! I will have revisions for you later tonight. Thanks again!
  • Don't care for the font on this one and the outline/stroke is too distracting. Thanks.
  • This one is ok, not sure about the white line. I think I prefer colored text rather than the background/white letters.
  • THis is good, but that typeface isn't my favorite. Thanks.
  • The color contrast is better, but the treatment of the t & l isn't doing anything for me. Thanks.
  • Don't like this font so much, and the leather pattern on the letters is a little distracting. Thank you for entering.
  • Don't care for the dashes under the text. Thanks for the entry.
  • This one is ok, not my absolute favorite font or color combination though.
  • This one has potential. I don't care for the colors though, you might try a couple of different combinations and resubmit. Thanks.
  • A little too retro, but thank you.
  • Sorry, not feeling this one. Please enter some more!
  • Better, but still not quite there. Thanks!
  • Don't like this one as much. I like the direction of some of the others with a leather patch or background. Thanks!
  • Hello :) thanks alot for ur feedback can u kindly mark my entry as ( needs work) so i can upload some more optiond. thank u
  • I like this one. It is in the top 3 so far.
  • Prefer a heavier font for Leather and no script for Nu. Thanks.
  • Don't care for the font or background on this one. Thanks for entering.
  • Did the 'needs work' but this is my favorite of your three so far. Nice work!
  • Prefer a bolder type face and more contrast in the two colors. Thanks.
  • The twirl doesn't seem to add anything to a leather product. Thanks for the entry.