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We want a compass logo. Compass which is ponting up and to west. Oval, ellips...? We want it to be urban, modern and new. The text should be easily read an simply. Mayby weld or limited with the compass? Simplycity is beatiful and cool. No curls. The colours are not exact, use your imaginatin. But remember green pantone 340C is not our colour. Green values are though ok.

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  • can you take away red arrow? can uoy try to make the text bigger and another place, text to be 1 colour.
  • can you put there for example spekri colours? more 3D
  • wrong colours, and were is the coloured dust/smoke?
  • sorry, my south and east was blocked and you cant see in this , but is in it. mistake by Arafa.. Good luck...
  • K since the contest is ending after my bed time...I'm just going to submit my final one. It really depends which one you like better #6559 or #6598. Hope you enjoy both.
  • Any final touch ups or feedback for #6559?
  • #6553 Ill work on it. Thanks for the feedback
  • can there be some colourful dust/smoke/steam backwards? We would like to see some colours, because we work every day with colours.
  • Colors are stronger already. if you need anymore changes, just say so. hope you like it
  • yes,but for this,you have to access the "I'd like to see a revision" option again to any design of mine and tell me exactly what colour and any detail you want.
  • There is still 2 days to go. Consentrate on the compass, that is the main thing. I would like to see more colours and modern touch.
  • Hy Inari,how do you like the new improvements?
  • could you make the colours more strong
  • too light colours
  • hello, now its better, but I still want some colours. light green, light stong blue or other fresh colours. We do make large format colours prints, me want colours.
  • hey, do you want the "Oy" highlighted along with "länsimainos" or just placed smaller to the side like "ltd." or "inc."? also, if using cardinal directions, do you want the english (N,S,E,W) or the finnish letters (P,E,I,L)?
  • make a frame to the compass and specify the directions
  • can you change the angle of the compass, needle up and make it more 3D
  • for Inari,i found this info on the site rulls: ''you may request revisions checking the "I'd like to see a revision" option in the dialogue box. This will enable designers whose work you are interested in to submit extra entries. For each entry marked "needs revision" the designer will be able to submit one more entry in addition to the 3 initially allowed in the contest''
  • can you put there colours, some spekri to the ball