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We are looking for a design for a logo that will be used on all print material and our website. We are financial management consultants. We specialize in both construction and electronic systems contractors (see: cedia.net for more information about this industry). I'm not sure how to combine both industries, but there are lots of financial consultants for the construction industry, but I'm one of only a handful (and the best) in the Electronic Systems Contractor industry. One possible idea is to utilize the

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  • Thanks alot Leslie for ur feedback, if u like to see (shinergroup) as one word or for any further modifications plz let me know, ty
  • Thanks, the tagline was there to represent the concept of two roads, the long and the short one, hidden in a dollar sign shaped image. Not exactly a maze like in the illustration to your book, which was my initial guess for a concept.
  • While I like the tagline, please remove. And there is a space between The and ShinerGroup
  • Looking good. Please remove the mirrored image at the bottom.
  • Thanks for the info. It looks very promising. Perhaps making the S more prominent than the G might help. And split the two (at the top) to make them mirrored? Does that make sense? And can I see a B&W version?
  • My play was on the S & G connected and mirrored to represent allocation, circuitry, floorplans, and mazes (in correlation with your book). I felt it may symbolize most, if not all, of the items based on your brief :) I will be more than happy to revise.
  • I'm not sure exactly what the graphic represents. Need more information.
  • I like this - thanks - can you do it in the Blue/Green like 4527? Thanks
  • Leslie, Revisions requested done and uploaded. Regards, Paulo
  • Could you make the text a bit bigger or icon a bit smaller.
  • :) sure. Thanks.
  • Oops - question on the font will only be asked AFTER final selection. Didn't mean to ask now.
  • This is great! Thanks for making the changes. Is it possible to ask the name of the font?
  • Can I just also see one with "The" in smaller print above ShinerGroup? I think this is one of the best entries.
  • I like both your designs. I like this one better because the S stands out more than the G. Could you make it in Green instead of Blue. And just a bit thinner (concerned about toner). And could you put "The" in smaller font, above, like some of the other designs? Thanks!!!
  • What would happen if the dollar sign was the S in ShinerGroup?