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The company is called "Save on Soap" aka "S.O.S." The company specializes in low cost industrial chemicals for dishwashing and laundries. I need a logo that evokes both the name of the company and what it specializes in.

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  • I like the concept, but the suds comes off looking more like snow. try again
  • Thank you for all the submissions!! I am pretty overwhelmed with the choices. They all look great. Please give me some time to review. I will post feedback as needed. Thanks!!
  • About #759 Dear Contest Holder. Feedback plz.
  • The colours have come out abit funny when i saved them as JPEG, I also have a more playfull version which includes bubbles and a rounder font which i will upload later, cheers.
  • can you change the bubbles at all? they still look like cells
  • i didnt like the piggy bank concept. if the rules allow it, i would like to see what else you can do
  • a little too "hippyish". i know there are no peace signs in it, but it still gives me that vibe. maybe its the font. try more bubbly font
  • very boring
  • i actually like the layout of the design, but the color is awful! i looks more like a logo for a blood bank. the bubbles look like red blood cells
  • the font is too boring and the bubbles look more like gumballs
  • i do not like the fonts or the slogan, (no offense). SOS stands for save on soap. the font should be more bubbley and soft
  • #732 is on it... sudsier it is.
  • About #733 Can u plz tell me the reason for the elimination. Whether it is not at all upto the mark u wanted or I am not the elite designer to upload here according to the rules. Actually I don't know why I eliminated? If U can plz tell me the reason I can work accordingly. Thanks Sushant
  • About #737 afeig324, I did the modification you requested, But I Just reached my maximum entries Limit, I'm not able to upload anymore. Regards, -Amr
  • can you make it look a little more sudsy?
  • I like the slogan and the design. I want it to say "save on soap", but i really want "SOS" to stand out
  • no, it was the contest holder. I am not supposed to provide feedback in professional contests, only the client can do that.
  • Excuse me I thought it was Sergey ... Thanks however, I appreciate it. Working on a new entry.
  • Thank you Sergey for the fb. I'll post a new try soon. Regards, -- jjyepez
  • i like #722 much better. Try to accent the SOS more in the #722